Rebels Gaming roster change

Rebels Gaming is a Spanish esports team founded by Spanish footballer David de Gea. In 2021, she first appeared on the professional stage of League of Legends. The first line-up of the team included: Javier - Midlane, Nixerino - Botlane, Viketox - Support, Shemek - Toplane, Adrian - Jungler. At the analyst table: Gevous - Head Coach and Garih - Coach. Taking part in the LVP SL 2 Div 2022 Spring tournament, the team took 3rd place in the group stage, with a score of 12: 6 in the standings, thus securing a place in the playoffs. In the LVP SL 2nd Division 2022 Spring Playoffs, Rebels Gaming took 4th place, giving the advantage to Wizards Club with a score of 1: 3. This tournament was the last for the first Rebels Gaming roster, as Shemek, Adrian and Garih decided to leave. The organization thanked the participants for the efforts made and the path traveled together, wishing the former colleagues success in their future endeavors.

Top liner Damien Shemek Soulanye started his career back in 2015. Gaining experience playing for various teams, before moving to Rebels Gaming - Shemek managed to join the Vitality Academy, after successful results in the academic roster, Damien managed to become a substitute player in the main Team Vitality roster, and after that he rose again to take the main position of the top player in Vitality.Bee. Taking 1st place in the LFL 2020 group stage, and later in the LFL 2020 Summer Playoffs, while playing for the GamersOrigin team at that time, Shemek secures a confident position as a free agent and most likely will not remain in this position for long.

Adrian Adrian Jakovski is a young player from Poland who entered the League of Legends scene in 2020 as a jungler. Playing in different regional clubs (Rebels Gaming - Spanish, TT willhaben - Austrian, 7more7 Pompa Team - Polish), perhaps he has not yet fully mastered the professional league, often changing teams, thereby checking which field is more pleasant to play, most likely he will find his own place and linger in a more acceptable league.

Mauro Garih Garih Vidal surprisingly started his career without the experience of an esportsman, but immediately from the position of a coach, in 2018. Started with MAD Lions Academy, changed over 7 organizations, mostly staying for 2 months. I spent the longest time at MTW Gaming, by as much as 10 months, with a significant difference in experience gained compared to other clubs. Teams coached by Garih on average show above average results, taking 5 to 3 places in tournament battles. Each of the former members of Rebels Gaming moves along their own path and gets the necessary experience to improvise in their activities. We are waiting for news about which teams and leagues the current free agents will join.