Pridestalkr joins the Golden Guardians

The Golden Guardians have announced a player who will play for the team in the jungle position. It turned out to be a player of the German national league (Prime League) from the MOUZ - Pridestalkr roster.

Milo Venes has previously played on the tier 1 stage under the FC Schalke 04 tag, so his appearance at LCS Spring Split 2022 will not be the first at such a high level.

Together with his former Pridestalkr team, he managed to win the spring split in 2019, take 3-4 place at EU Masters Spring 2021, become the silver medalist this summer, and finally win the Winter Cup.

Current Golden Guardians roster:

Current MOUZ roster:

It is also worth noting that all MOUZ players have expired their contracts, which means that we should expect news from this team in the near future. We will follow the development of events.