Chovy and Deft complete cooperation with Hanwha Life Esports

On social media, Hanwha Life Esports talked about the players' decision to leave the organization after the expiration of their contracts. Now Jeon 'Chovy' Ji-hoon and Kim 'Deft' Huke-quue are officially free agents.

Cybersportsmen joined the organization on November 24 last year. In the last ranking season 2020/2021, Hanwha Life Esports achieved rather mediocre results, although they cannot be called frankly bad either. The cybersportsmen took 3-4 place at KeSPA CUp 2020, after which they entered the top 3 of LCK Spring 2021, and then their results began to decline, as a result of which the roster took 8th place at LCK Summer 2021. In LCK Regional Finals 2021, the team improved and finished second, which allowed the team to compete in the main League of Legends tournament, the 2021 World Championship. There, Hanwha Life Esports started their journey from the Play-In stage and, despite this, the team managed to get to the playoffs. There, they were unlucky enough to face the three-time World Championship winners T1. There, the roster was defeated with a score of 0-3, as a result of which the team stopped in the quarterfinals and took 5th-8th place. This result brought the team $ 100,125.

Chovy and Deft were both mid and bot, which meant there were vacancies for the mid and carry players. Hanwha Life Esports left two toppers in the face of DuDu and Morgan, two junglers and the face of yoHan and Willer, as well as support Vsta.

The management of the club will have to tell about the upcoming replacements in the team in the near future, although the management of the organization still has enough time before the start of the next LCK. Riot Games has yet to announce a date for the Korean League of Legends.