League of Legends News Digest: Reshuffles Coming

Flakked can go to G2 Esports

According to some rumors, this season G2 Esports will pay more attention to young talent and will look for new players in the tier-2 scene. Thus, it is reported that MAD Lions Madrid player, Flakked, will act as ADC for G2 Esports from next season.

Bwipo leaves for Team Liquid

Another rumor came from Bwipo: according to some people close to the team, Bwipo has reached a verbal agreement with Team Liquid.

League of Legends News Digest: Reshuffles are coming. Photo 1

As early as next season, he can start playing for the North American organization and return to toplain. Recall that at the moment there are big disagreements in the Fnatic team, which partly led to a disastrous performance at Worlds 2021.

Riot Games wants to increase the maximum contract term to 4 years

Riot Games can enter "long-term contracts" into the LoLEsports ecosystem as early as next season, but there are certain conditions for signing such a contract:

At the moment, such contracts do not seem to be beneficial for the teams, as a very small percentage of players remain in the same team or league after a 2-year contract, however, we will follow the development of events.

Perkz and Alphari will play together in Team Vitality

The rumors that we talked about earlier are growing. It seems that Perkz and Alphari have thoroughly decided to play only together next season and even agreed with Team Vitality. This could mean that both Europeans are returning to their home league LEC, although the contract with Perkz'om was not designed for just one season. We are waiting for confirmation of official information from the club.

Other rumors

The following transitions are also discussed in the community, however, there is either too little information on them, or such transitions are unlikely, so we will present them in one line: