Rotation of heroes and items, November 8 - 14

Here is the information on rotation of heroes and items for sale for November 8 – 14, and also rotation of heroes you can try for free during this period.

Discounts on heroes:

Illidan - 250 crystals

Carrygan - 250 crystals

Recommended skins and mounts:

Eredar Armor Illidan

Earthbreaker Thrall

Dark Seraphim Tyrael

Terran Probius

Crimson Cheerleader Kerrigan

Shock L800 E.T.C.

Feral Swarm Abathur

Betrayer Malfurion

Road Boar

Leather Armored War Steed

Hero rotation:

Any account level: Jaina, Lúcio, Muradin, Nazeebo, Ragnaros, Raynor, Stg. Hammer, Sonya, Stitches, Uther.

Level 5: Diablo.

Level 10: Tyrande.

Level 15: Rexxar

Level 20: Zeratul