Naventic didn’t fulfill contract obligations

A huge scandal broke out in North American division. Ex-players of Naventic complained that the organization didn’t fulfil contract obligations and still haven’t paid the salaries. The sum of the debt is already $50.000. That had a huge effect on Ken "Kenma" Buechter, ex-coach for the team, who said that he invested his own money in the development of the team, but he got neither salary nor money for won events.

According to the contract, each of the players had to get $1.250. But from April till August, four players did not get their salaries, and the salary of the fifth player was not paid for 7 months. Also, the players did not get their prize money for DreamHack All-Stars.

According to Kenma, they did not tell about this situation for a long time, but now there is no sense to postpone this question. The problem had a huge effect on the morale of the team, and during the year they moved from the best teams of the region to the one of the worst ones. In August, Naventic was sold to Rolando Florance, a businessman. The team tore the contracts with players and sponsors immediately. Blizzard confirmed in their talk with Dot eSports, that they applied to both parties to solve the situation, but in the result, they had to withdraw the negotiations because of the legal issues.

This is not the first time when such a situation happens to esports teams. Previously, Playing Ducks also complained that the organization did not fulfill contract obligations.