Heroes of the Storm news: Balance Updates (June, 2nd)

Heroes of the Storm news: Balance Updates (June, 2nd)

HP is now 1260 (+4% for each next level), (previously 1128, +4% for each next level)

HP regeneration level is now 2.625 (+4% for each next level), (previously 2.4296, +4% for each next level)

  • Sand Blast (Q)

    • Ability damage is now 400 (+4% for each next level), (previously 390, +4% for each next level)

    • CD time is now 2.5 seconds (previously 3 seconds)

  • Dragon’s Breath (W)

    • Ability damage is now 480 (+4% for each next level) (previously 440, +4% for each next level)

    • CD time is now 12 seconds (previously 14 seconds)

  • Level 6

    • Mobius Loop (W)

      • Decreases Dragon’s Breath CD time for 40% (previously 50%).

    • Chrono Sickness (E)

      • Increases slowing down effect for 40% (previously 50%).

  • Level 15

    • Shifting Sands (Q)

      • Bonus for ability power is now 8% for each damaged enemy (previously 10%)

      • Maximum bonus for ability power is now 40% (previously 50%).

    • Fast Forward (Q)

      • CD time for Sand Blast damaging target in long distance is now 0.75 seconds (previously 1 second).

    • Quantum Overdrive (when activated)

      • Bonus for ability power is now 20% (previously 25%).


Blizzard commentaries:  A Hero like Chromie is one that we would expect to come out with a lower than normal win rate.  She has many counters, has a high skill floor, and requires her teammates to play around her poke style.  Even anticipating the gradual increase in effectiveness as people figure her out, we think that she has room for buffs.

Chromie is the type of Hero who has high damage potential (and man, when she hits those home runs they’re a sight to behold), but is also very inconsistent.  She’ll always be that way to a degree, which is by design.  We’re attempting to buff her damage throughput to offset this inability to pick her targets, without making her “one shot” potential any scarier than it is.

We’ve increased her Health slightly as well so that she is a little more resistant to incidental damage.  If enemies find a way to close the gap and focus her down, her still relatively low Health and lack of escapes will allow teams to eliminate our terrifying gnome-dragon, as they should.