Gold Club World Championship Preview

Gold Club World Championship is the tournament where the best teams from all over the world compete for a significant prize pool in different disciplines. The participants got direct invites to the event, due to which the teams do not need to participate in the qualifiers. The fact that the teams will play to the professional arena with changed rosters for the first time add the intrigue to the event.

Date and time of the event:

All matches will take place on the territory of the national swimming complex «Water Cube», an Olympic object that is located in Beijing. The group stage starts on November 27 and will last for one week. The play-off stage will be played for 5 days and will start on December 6.

Tournament format:

After BlizzCon criticized the format of the tournament, Chinese organizers took it seriously. Group stage will be played in Round-Robin BO2 system, where the players will compete for the points, and the play-off stage will be played in Double Elimination BO5 system.


Prize pool:

The general prize pool for Heroes discipline is $300.000. The team that takes the first place will get $80000, the team that takes the second place is $70000, and for the third place is $50000.