Genji Master Guide

Genji the killer, which can move very quickly and far through the map.


Strengths and weaknesses of the hero:


If a strong front plays against you, it will be better not to pick Genji as it will be difficult for him to overcome tanks, his auto-attack is weak enough. But Genji kills magicians rapidly.


It is better to try to stand back during the whole battle and wait until your allies lower enemies’ health below the average, then we can fly into, using the E-skill, and throw few shurikens, finish off the enemy and get back, using the E-skill. Genji has a very little hp and every stun can become the last for him, so you will have always to think if you can leave the battle alive after the flying into it.

Maps, on which the hero suits well:


Cursed Hollow, Hanamura, Dragon Shire, Warhead Junction, Blackheart’s Bay, Towers of Doom. I don’t advise to pick him on other maps because the cleaning up of lines or a good damage is required, the same can’t be said about Genji.


The talents of the 1st level:

Swift of the Wind will always help us after the use of Swift Strike to catch the enemy or run away from him.


The talents of the 4th level:


Shuriken Mastery will allow us to increase the damage of our shurikens and reduce their cooldown, so there is no alternative for this talent, it is picked in any cases.


The talents of the 7th level:

There are enough choices for us to make here, we will not pick Augmented Guard because the shield it gives us after the end of the skill is very small and will not help us. I don’t advise to pick Cyber Shield but in some cases, it will be able to help us a lot against magicians. The block of the attack once in 8 seconds with a maximum three charges isn’t good talent too but helps us against auto-attackers. I pick Perfect Defence in 90% of cases, it reduces our Deflect’s cooldown in the case of the successful block, which will allow blocking enemy attacks quickly.


The talents of the 10th level:

Both ultimates can bring us a benefit, you will have to choose here, if there is not so much control against you, you will be able to pick Dragonblade, you will have simply to fly into the battle, use the aoe on everyone, the aoe deals a very strong damage and hardly anybody of heroes will be able to outlast it (not including tanks and heroes with a lot of hp). if there is a lot of control, we will pick X-Strike.


The talents of the 13th level:

Shingan suits in all cases. The damage is never odd.


The talents of the 16th level:


The choice is not so big here too, we never pick Reflect, the only choice is between Final Cut or Steady Blade. Both talents are good but I pick Final Cut in most cases.


The talents of the 20th level:

Shurikens have been already had to be stacked on the 20th level and deal a great damage, so the choice is in favor of Sharped Stars. But if you choose X-Star as an ultimate skill, you will be able to think about the reinforcement of your ultimate.


The Genji Guide comes to the end at this moment. The guide will be edited due to updates. See you in the Nexus!