Blizzard announced Nexus Games tournament

On November 14 Nexus Games in Europe will start – a huge competition, where the best players who did not participate in HGC will fight for the praise playing under the flags of their countries.

Players selection:

Blizzard Entertainment will select 5 players from each country who will present their motherland in the tournament. Though the final list of participants is made by Blizzard, there are several key factors that affect the chances:

It should be taken into consideration that HGC players cannot participate in this event. But there are no limits for the players of open division.

Countries participants:

Belgium, Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, and Great Britain.

Format of the event:

Nexus Games will be played in two stages: group stage and play-off games. The seeding for each stage will depend on the total score rating of each participant of the team.

Group stage

Play-off games

The group stage will start on November 14. The detailed schedule of the tournament, and also list of the selected participants, Blizzard will announce after BlizzCon.