Black Friday in Heroes of the Storm

A Black Friday comes to Nexus on Wednesday, November 22! For a limited time, you get a chance to save on purchasing of the sets, skins, heroes, mounts, and 360 Day Stimpacks. The sale will end on Monday, November 27, so make a purchase till you have time!

These is the list of offers for this Black Friday:


— Gul'dan;

— Tracer;

— Butcher;

— Greymane;

— Morales;


— Enraged Butcherlisk;

— Raider Rexxar;

— Sharkmouth Goliath D.Va;

— Neon Spectre Tracer;

— Sakura Auriel;

— Tangerine Mad Martian Gazlowe;

— Apothecary Morales;

— Emberlord Zul'jin;

— Gold StormPunk Kael'thas;

— Jasper Frostlord Rexxar;


— Neutron Space Lord's Starbreaker;

— Nimbus Cloud;

— Felsaber.