Xixo, C4mlann, Ek0p, MrYagut and Gaara will take part in Seat Story Cup VII

Organizers of the 7th season of Seat Story Cup have decided to break a secret and to announce the first 5 participants on the official website of the tournament.

The following cyber-sportsmen are listed as the first participants: Daniel «C4mlann» Markisch, Jan «Ek0p» Palys, Tugay «MrYagut» Evsan, Petar «Gaara» Stevanovic and Sebastian «Xixo» Bentert.

Jan «Ek0p» Palys participated the best among the mentioned German five in the previous season of Seat Story Cup, having held the 4th place at the tournament bracket. The 6th place was taken by Daniel «C4mlann» Markisch, the 12th — by Sebastian «Xixo» Bentert and the 13th — by Tugay «MrYagut» Evsan. Petar «Gaara» Stevanovic participated the worst of all having held the 29th place.

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Seat Story Cup VII will be hosted with the prize pool in the sum of $20,000 on June 22-25.

The rest of championship’s participants will be called later by the organizers.