ThijsNL is the champion of Esport Superstars

Dutch player has won about $13,000.

Thijs «Thijs» Molendijk became the best player at the tournament named Esport Superstars. He easily qualified from the group stage taking the first place in his group and beat Dima «Rdu» Radu and Bartłomiej «Ikealyou» Zawadzki. In the final match, Thijs «Thijs» Molendijk met Jan «SuperJJ» Janßen and defeated him with 3:0 score.


The prize pool for the competition was about  $27,000:

1st place: Thijs «Thijs» Molendijk - $13,200
2nd place: Jan «SuperJJ» Janßen - $5,300
3rd place: Dima «Rdu» Radu - $3,200
4th place: Sebastian «Forsen» Fors -  $2,700

All other participants received $570 reward for the demonstrated results.