Savjz: "Until Everyone Starts Running The Black Knight, The Lich King Will be Meta"

The Lich King was a largely underrated card before the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion dropped last week. Even knowing what many of the exclusive Death Knight cards were, it just seemed too late game to ever be getting a game winning amount of value. Well, it turns out just about everything this expansion had to do with late game strategies and decks, so suddenly, everyone is running it. The card provides a powerful body on the board for the cost, with taunt nonetheless, and an impactful effect that can give one player an incredible advantage over the other. Similar to Ysera, this card adds one of five potential cards to your hand at the end of your turn, and they can all be quite powerful. Again, similar to Ysera, there are some cards that you would rather have from it than others, but they all have their place. Interestingly enough, they all have their downsides as well, which is quite fitting given the theme of an expansion centered on the Lich King Arthas.

Savjz said it well, that especially since late game decks are becoming Meta again (finally), some of the older tech cards we used to play back when the last time the Meta was like this are becoming viable again, most notably of which being The Black Knight. In essence, similar to old removal like Big Game Hunters, this is your anti-The Lich King card to be played once they drop their Lich King to prevent the game from getting out of hand.