M19 will sign a HearthStone player

The head of the eSports organization has decided to carry out the tournament, which winner will become a part of M19 and will protect the team’s honor at different tournaments.

The management of M19 has chosen the interesting way to find themselves a HearthStone player. The organization will carry M19 HearthStone Open, which starts on April 15. The registration for the tournament starts at 9:00 on April 11 and every player from the CIS region will be able to take in it.

The championship will be carried out at the European server. The tournament will consist of the qualifying stage and the final part. The qualifying round will be carried in the Swiss system and matches of the qualification will be in the best-of-three (bo3) format. The final stage of the tournament will be carried in the Double-Elimination bracket with best-of-seven (bo7) matches.

Besides the contract with the organization, M19 also will divide the prize pool in the sum of 100,000 rubles among 4 best participants. Other details will become known on the official website of M19 on the day of the opening of the registration.

M19 has only the League of Legends roster at this moment. It is possible that a HearthStone player is not the last enlargement of the organization with a help of other eSports disciplines.