Hearthstone Patch review 10.20.16

Hearthstone’s new patch is an interesting one, for sure. While we’re all eager and excited for Heroic Tavern Brawl to drop (soon?), there have been what appears to be some last minute changes before Blizzcon in 10 days. Be sure to pick up your virtual ticket for that if you haven’t already!

That fact aside, let’s get into the notes. They can be found here – feel free to follow along with the article and discuss below.

The cards clarified, such as Ethereal Peddler and Yogg-Saron’s Overload issue are little things that could mean the difference between a win and a loss in close matches, and especially with Blizzcon happening soon, I can understand Blizzard wanting to avoid these issues at all costs.

The Murloc changes are, in my opinion, the biggest part of this patch. They no longer buff all Murlocs, but instead, only yours. I, personally, don’t like this change at all. Not only did it allow for some, quite literally, fun and interactive gameplay, but it also emphasized that the Murloc’s allegiance to you was shallow at best. While it ups consistency with these style of decks, I still think this change was a mistake, and severely cuts down on counterplay options against aggressive Murloc decks. We all remember Chakki’s Anti-Murloc Murloc Paladin, which utilized Vilefin Inquisitor to create useless 1/1 Murlocs to be summoned again by the Anyfin can Happen, and this appears to be the only form of counterplay it has left now.

What do you think of the changes? Feel free to discuss in the comments below and stay tuned to egamersworld.com for exclusive eSports coverage.