Hearthstone - Frost Lich Jaina Hero Card Leaked!

Just today, a new Hero Card for the Mage class appears to have been leaked and discovered thanks to this reddit post, and it’s an interesting one all right.


Keep in mind that any leak of a Hero Power to accompany the card is nowhere to be seen yet. Now, given the cost of this card and its immediate impact on the board, it comes across as, overall, pretty bad. 9 mana for a regularly 4-cost Water Elemental is horribly inefficient, even when factoring in the bonus Lifesteal and 5 extra armor. That is, unless the player happens to have an already decent sized board of Elementals. Given the design and impact of this card, it already seems just too slow to be played in the current, Pirate and aggro-infested Meta. However, assuming it’s not an awful matchup, it’s very possible that this card could see play in some midrange-style Mage decks.

The reason I believe this card has potential is because of the various cards that were recently converted to the Elemental tribe, which could give us some interesting interactions. Keep in mind that Lifesteal activates on any damage delt to a target, so your 6/6 or even 10/10 Pyros could end up healing you for a ridiculous amount. This is Mage we’re talking about – the class that features little to no healing options when it comes to deck building, especially now that Reno Jackson is gone from the Standard Meta. Not to mention that we have yet to hear about any interaction with Ragnaros the Firelord, which could make for some interesting combos if it sees any play in Wild.

The design is interesting, and it utilizes the new Lifesteal mechanic to test out, but overall, this card will probably end up being unplayable. Now, we have also yet to see any Hero Power for this card – it will likely involve discovering or summoning more Elementals to provide more ammunition to its effect, but we can’t be sure. Unless it ends up being some groundbreaking or revolutionary Hero Power, this card will likely only end up being featured in the occasional YouTube highlight, not competitive play.