G2 eSports parted their ways with Lifecoach

It has become known that the eSports club G2 eSports have made a decision to exclude Adrian «Lifecoach» Koy from its roster. The cyber-sportsman has stated that will not participate in the discipline Hearthstone due to a great amount of “random” and will fully focus on GWENT.

During the time passed under the tag G2 eSports, Adrian could win Celestial Invitational #1, SeatStory Cup V and Kinguin For Charity in the discipline HearthStone and won the championship at GWENT Challenger a few days ago.

After the leave of Koy from the organization, the Hearthstone roster will look as follows:

Dima «Rdu» Radu
Jakub «Lothar» Szygulski
Thijs «ThijsNL» Molendijk