Fr0zen, Vlps, StrifeCro, rayC and TerrenceM to participate in SeatStory Cup VII

The organizers announced several players who will participate in the 7th season of SeatStory Cup.

This time, such esportsmen as Frank «Fr0zen» Zhang, Victor «Vlps» Lopez, Cong «StrifeCro», Raymond «rayC» Cipoletti Shu and Terrence «TerrenceM» Miller were invited to the event.

Frank «Fr0zen» Zhang currently plays for Luminosity Gaming, and his total winning is $56,550. His biggest achievement is the first place on ONOG Circuit Finals where he was rewarded with $10,000 and the second place on HearthStone Winter Championship 2017 where he earned $40,000.

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Victor «Vlps» Lopez is playing for Tempo Storm, and his total reward is $18,150. His best achievement is the champion title on CN vs NA Challenge where he earned $16,000.

Cong «StrifeCro» Shu is Cloud9 player, and his general reward is $52,550. We was a winner of the tournaments more than 10 times, but his most prominent result is OGN HearthStone Seoul Cup World Invitational.

Almost nothing is known about Raymond «rayC» Cipoletti. The only thing we know is that his main achievement is winning of ONOG PAX East Major 2017. He also received $4,000 for the second place.

The same is with Terrence «TerrenceM» Miller. We know that he is the representative of Gale Force eSports and his best result is the second place on DreamHack Austin 2016.

There is still no information about the prize pool and the number of participants. The organizers of the event promise to reveal these details soon.