ESL and Blizzard to hold Hearthstone tournament

The competition starts in January and lasts for 7 weeks. The grand-final is scheduled on March, and will take place during ESL America Studios in Burbank, California. The overall number of participants is 8 teams with 3 players in each. The participants will compete for the prize of $150,000.

Currently, only three names of participants are known: compLexity Gaming, Virtus.Pro and Tempo Storm have received direct invites. All representatives of teams may communicate between each other, and the main idea of the tournament is the demonstration of the team work effectiveness.

The games will be played in Best-of-11«Last Hero Standing» format, where players will play with a certain deck until they lose. Thus, each team will represent 9 decks (one for each class), and will ban 2 decks of competitors. The teams will use 6 out of 7 classes during the match.