The Current State of: Warrior

The Current State of: Warrior

Warrior is in a very interesting and surprisingly versatile position in the Meta right now. It begun with Tempo Warrior, a deck that saw, and still does see, a lot of play in both competition and ladder formats. It’s strength was that it was similar to Midrange style decks, but had huge threats like Bloodhoof Brave and Frothing Berserkers that would win games on their own. That was one phase of the Meta.

Moving forward a few weeks, Control Warrior emerged. It was in place strictly to counter most of the Midrange/Aggro style decks we saw early on, such as Zoo and Shaman in general. The early game, especially if the deck included Dragons, was able to curve out nicely through a combination of Charge minions and weapons, and the late game powerhouses it ran could sweep up just about any game if it went past turn 10.

Somewhere in there, Pirate Weapon Warrior emerged. It utilized things like Upgrade!, and big weapons like Arcanite Reapers with buffed stats from spells or Captain Greenskin to be able to swing for 6+ damage face every single turn. It is an aggro deck that counters other aggro decks well, because it hard punishes their lack of a lot of taunts or healing in general. Big win conditions included either Weapons or general Charge minions that would whittle down your opponent. This deck is surprisingly good, even though it’s not top tier.

See a pattern here? Warrior can be played in Aggro, Midrange and Control, and there’s no way of telling which it is until you’re already in the game with them. Warriors are in a very interesting spot right now, which is where most of their strength comes from. You don’t know if they’re going to win from a 7/3 weapon, or bringing you to fatigue and having 50+ health. Warriors are, simply put, extremely versatile right now which is what makes them so strong.

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