Congratulations to the winner of SeatStory Cup IV!

Congratulations to Orange, the first ever two time winner of SeatStory Cup! Orange took on Sjow in the finals, and it was a truly intense matchup.

Orange started his conquest on the 17th, in the Group H Round of 32. He went 2-0, placing 1st in the group, taking wins over J4chieChan and Maverick, 3-1 and 3-0 respectively. On the 18th, he continued his display of dominance, taking 2nd (2-1) in Group D, while none other than Sjow took first with a clean 2-0 score.

Sjow and Orange started at opposite ends of the brackets, with Orange against Savij to start. This was easily one of, if not his most challenging opponent of the Playoffs. Orange has constantly shown dominance with his Warlock, as he proceeded to do against Savij, and take a 2-0 start against Shaman and Druid. Savij, however, answered with a 2-win Warlock of his own, dethroning Orange’s own Warlock, as well as a Jade Golem Druid. Orange decided to break out the Aggro Shaman, which was able to take down Savij’s Warlock, but surprisingly enough, he lost the match point to Savij’s Dragon Priest. The final matchup came down to Orange’s Pirate/Dragon Warrior against the very same Dragon Priest, and he managed to come out on top with a great start, sealing the deal with a 4-3 win.

His next opponent in the Semis, Torik, was taken down from a 4-1 victory from Orange. He netted two wins a piece with his Pirate/Miracle Rogue as well as his renowned Reno Warlock, with only Torik’s Aggro Shaman managing to stand in his way. He moved on to the finals, to face none other than the only man who took a series off of him in Groups – Sjow.

Orange continued to dazzle us with an incredible Miracle Rogue, which took 3 games off of Sjow before he was able to stop it with his own Warlock. Having lost the Warrior mirror in the first game, Orange now faces down a weapon of his own creation – Reno Warlock, and he has nothing left but Druid to stop it, a matchup he has won countless times from the other side. A phrase used a lot in the Starcraft industry is “it takes one to beat one”, implying that players who switch their playstyle between the three races available are the best kinds of players around, because they know exactly how to deal with annoying builds, mainly because they’ve had it done to them before. Orange did just the same, using his previous knowledge on the matchup to turn the odds on their heads, as he knew exactly which buttons to press that he knew Warlock couldn’t answer efficiently.

Orange played an outstanding mindgame this tournament, and his second overall win was well deserved! They’re currently playing re-runs of the tournament over on TakeTV, if you happened to miss any of it, and Reddit is filled with humorous clips as well. I hope you all enjoyed the tournament, and we at EGamersWorld all wish you a happy Feast of Winterveil!