Big Changes Coming to Hearthstone's Pack Opening System!

We haven’t seen a whole lot of changes since the release of Un’Goro, but recently, we got an announcement of the changes coming to Hearthstone, specifically in how the pack opening system works.

It’s happened to a lot of us before, really – just opening another pack, when suddenly, the orange glow indicating a Legendary card hovers beneath your cursor. You instinctively start going through the list of Legendary cards you most want – maybe it’s Archmage Antonidas, so you can start playing Freeze Mage, or Tirion Fordring, a card staple in nearly all relevant Paladin decks. Unable to contain your excitement, you flip the card over to reveal…

Yet another Nat Pagle.

It’s a truly gut-wrenching feeling, not only to pull a duplicate Legendary, but one that’s just about useless in every situation too. Well, Ben Brode has heard our cries, and announced some of the best news in Hearthstone pack opening that we’ve got in a while!

Say goodbye to opening dupes! Starting with the next expansion (whenever that may be), it will become impossible to open a pack that contains a Legendary card that you already own, meaning that the concept of ‘collecting them all’ is suddenly much more within reach than before. The second change being implemented with the next expansion is that every player is now guaranteed to open a Legendary card within their first 10 packs of the new set. Not only does this build up more hype for the coming expansions, but it also significantly increases the value of the 50 pre-order packs that are offered, as it will be impossible to open them and not receive a Legendary in any of those packs. Sad pre-orders of nothing but 40-dust packs are now a thing of the past!

You can check out Ben Brode’s video on the changes here: