All 280 Players Participating in Dreamhack Spain Valencia Grand Prix have been Announced!

All 280 Players Participating in Dreamhack Spain Valencia Grand Prix have been Announced!

Dreamhack announced its full list of competitors that will be attending here.

Let’s discuss some of the players who are attending. Dreamhack has conveniently divided the list into “notable participants” and “full announced player list”, which feels a bit rude at first to most competitors, but I’ll let it go.

We’ve got some of the more well known ones, including Rdu, superJJ, BoarControl and greensheep, who are seen in a lot of tournaments to begin with. This is not a bad thing, as it’s healthy for competition to have some crows favorites.

We can’t forget the underdogs, though. Players like Eloise or Amnesiac were at some point referred to as ‘underdogs’, before a big win or two secured their spot as a competitive figure. I, personally, would predict that one of these 280 players can pull an upset and win it over the current Dreamhack champion (of Dreamhack Summer, if I recall), being Rdu. Keep in mind that each one of these players have preformed remarkably well to get this far – don’t underestimate them!

As we mentioned before, Rdu is the current reigning champion of Dreamhack, and his win during Dreamhack Summer marked him as the first ever professional player to win a major event each year since the game’s release in 2014. After a close game against Kolento, another well-established player in the community, Rdu took the game, set and match, despite an off-meta pick of a Mage deck that was even banned in the final, as its effectiveness was difficult to ignore at that point. However, it was this momentum he needed to utilize his full array of top tier decks and reign supreme in the end.

Can Rdu do it again, or will one of the unspoken 280 heroes take it for themselves, despite the odds? Be sure to let us know in the comments!