A Loot at C'Thun Decks and their place in the Meta

A Loot at C'Thun Decks and their place in the Meta

                C’Thun decks have seen some serious play in the past month or so, and from these it can be seen that the original prediction if partially correct. They do, indeed, seem to be ‘leaner’ decks, so that newer players can use and learn decks that are relatively cheap in dust, straightforward to play, and effective. However, they have also seen tournament use as well.

                Notice I said partially correct above. Correct in the sense of the original prediction, but I would argue that it’s ‘easy’ play style was underestimated. Certain variations of it like Fatigue Warrior and C’Thun Druid are more difficult to play than originally estimated, especially in a control mirror match. The timing of C’Thun is huge and often times difficult to use correctly. In any other matchup, C’Thun can be used to clean up scrappy board control and run into face the next turn for a win, but in Control, with 30+ health on both opponents, this is not always the case. Cards like Armorsmith, Hogger, Doom of Elwyn, or Crazed Worshiper can often times really turn off a C’Thun play. It is all about recognizing these threats and predicting when they are available to your opponent. I would actually recommend a decktracker here, not only to see your remaining cards, but also to keep track of how many removal spels/methods your opponent has already used and plan your play around there.

                For example, if your opponent has used both Hexes, C’Thun can possibly go uncontested. By that same logic, however, if they played one the turn before and C’Thun is available for you, it is likely that they do not have a second depending on their current hand size.

                Through these, we have been able to recognize that, while C’Thun decks are certainly not top tier, they can certainly be effective if not devastating if placed in the right hands. C’Thun is all about a learning experience, and through certain hybrid decks like C’Thun Handlock, C’Thun Reno or C’Thun Fatigue Warrior, can teach you the deeper interactions within these deck archetypes. My point is to say that C’Thun decks are impactful, and to recommend newer players to them, because even if they do not notice it, they are learning more about the game in a second sense as well as direct play.