A Look at Top Tier: Midrange Hunter

A Look at Top Tier: Midrange Hunter

So, Midrange Hunter is an overall aggressively played deck, relying on heavy burst finishers like Ragnaros or Call of the Wild to end the game. The deck includes few tech choices, although things like Princess Huhran and Sir Finley are certainly options.

Early game, an important strategy is to bait out anti – aggression. Often times, with the right starting hand, Fiery Bat followed up by a Huge Toad can convince your opponent that you are just going full on face hunter. This can often force an overreaction from your opponent, like using a non – combo Eviscerate to deal with a low health minion, when saving it for Misha’s 4 health might have been a better idea. Late game, if you were able to retain board control even moderately, should go smoothly.

Call of the Wild basically punishes your opponent for leaving anything on our side of the board. Even just a couple small minions are just made that much more powerful when Leokk and his friends pop out of Call of the Wild. Especially if you have board control, this can often push for 20+ burst damage in just one turn. It’s pretty crazy how fast you can end a game with this deck with just one card.

This deck also performs very well against aggro. Utilizing cards often seen in aggro themselves, such as Fiery Bat, Flame Juggler and Huge Toad, you can easily melt through a quick push for board control and/or face damage. Things like Kill Command are also very useful here, and can remove big threats like a Darkshire Councilman with a Beast, or simply to deal with that pesky Tunnel Trogg. Also, using it to remove minions is much more viable now that it is not too reliant on as a win condition. Before the Old Gods expansion, Midrange and Face Hunters relied on Kill Command to deal 5 damage to face, and that was really about it. You always knew that, if they Kill Commanded your minion, you were in a good spot.

The image above in the article is my personal favorite decklist of Midrange Hunter, and the one I use the most. Just keep in mind that Call of the Wild is a pretty crazy card, and running 2 copies of it is basically a requirement, as it can provide even more reliability than most Legendaries. Feel free to try it out, and until next time!