A Look at Top Tier: Malygos Druid

As the name implies, Malygos druid indeed runs the niche Dragon, Malygos, as the prime win condition. This, combined with some cheap, damage dealing spells, as well as Arcane Giants and Yogg-Saron, because why not, creates a surprisingly powerful deck.

The unique thing about Malygos Druid is in the fact that it runs 2 Moonfires and 2 Living Roots. That’s 4 cards in the 0-1 mana cost cards, which gives it a lot of early curve – however, do not play these on curve. Those are your late game powerhouses to combo with Malygos, and can potentially deal 12 damage to your opponent’s face for 0 mana, or 19 for 1. It is for this reason that it is classified as a combo deck, yet unlike many combo decks, it relies on board control to get to the late game.

Also included in this deck is Fandral, Druid of the Claw, Druid of the Saber, and Mire Keeper. These are your tools for getting through the early game, as well as baiting out some removal. A good Fandral combo can lead to a very threatening board for your opponent to deal with, and for every Polymorph, Fireball, Naturalize, or forms of hard removal that your opponent uses on your board is one less method they have of removing Malygos. Now, keep in mind that the turn you played Malygos, assuming you have been playing your cards well and trading efficiently, you should be finishing off your opponent.

The final unique tidbit about this deck is why many refer to it as Miracle Druid – and it’s the inclusion of Gadgetzan Auctioneer. Usually only run in Rogue, this card can get some serious value assuming you play some low cost spells with it, and draw effectively. Finally, use this crazy card draw to get a decent Emperor Thaurissan turn off, before finishing them off with Malygos.

Overall, this deck combines a decent early game with a powerful late game win condition, with just about every method of getting there that Druids can run. Check out the Meta Snapshot for a decklist, and until then, stay tuned to egamersworld.com for exclusive competitive articles!