4 of the Most Fun Off Meta Decks

4 of the Most Fun Off Meta Decks

Let’s get right into it. First up, we have Herald Volazj Priest. This deck is built very similar to N’Zoth Priest or just a standard Control Priest, only including Herald Volazj and some fun cards it can interact with. These cards include things like Ragnaros the Firelord, Sylvannas Windrunner, Brann Bronzebeard and more. The goal of this deck is to get more value out of the 1/1 copies summoned by Volazj than was originally intended, which is why things like Ragnaros and Sylvannas work so well. A 1/1 that deals 8 damage to a random enemy at the end of my turn? Now that’s value! Combo that with the original Ragnaros and you’re dealing 16 damage in total – quite the win condition! Overall, this deck is fun and surprisingly effective against late game decks like Control Warrior or Handlock.

Up next, we have C’Thun Rogue – sort of. Running C’Thun in a Rogue deck is tricky, especially since so many Rogue cards are staple if you want to win with it. The only real C’Thun interaction cards that you should be using are Disciples of C’Thun and Blades of C’Thun. The Disciples are in there because they’re just that good, but Blades of C’Thun are what makes your own C’Thun massive. Using Blade on any of their big threats and then Shadowstepping it to use again later is incredibly effective. I even run a Shadowcaster in this deck, because using it on just about any minion in the deck can give you value. In the end, your win condition is to build the most massive C’Thun of all time and run them down with it.

How about Dragon Shaman? This is an interesting yet fun late game heavy deck, that includes just about every means to sustain through the early game through a combination of Lightning Storms and Elemental Destruction. This deck typically runs Elise Starseeker and, just for the fun of it, Yogg-Saron! Your opponents will have no clue what to expect next, especially from a Shaman that isn’t running aggro. All in all, this deck is pretty simple – just a late game control Shaman that uses Dragon synergy and has spells like Lightning Bolt, Rockbiter Weapon, Lava Shock and Elemental Destruction to escape the hectic early game nicely.

Finally, we have the strangest one yet – the Yogg-Saron Reno Jackson Elise Mage. It’s a wordy title, I know, but this deck plays out a lot like freeze mage, only using Reno Jackson for survivability and Yogg-Saron to save some games that may go south on you. The fun part about this deck is that you will draw a lot of cards through the early to mid game, so if you can find an early Golden Monkey, it’s just about game over. But even if you don’t find the Monkey, that’s fine too! This deck includes plenty of win conditions, including Alexstrasza, Archmage Antonidas, and a lot of times, against Aggro or Midrange, Reno can be a win condition on it’s own. This deck is difficult to master, but tons of fun to play for yourself once you get the hang of it.

So, feel free to try these decks out on ladder! Of course, it’s very possible that you just queue up into Zoolock or Aggro Shaman, the standard no fun allowed decks, but that’s what makes winning with these decks so very satisfying. Be sure to check back later for more exclusive content right here at egamersworld!