Un’Goro Quest Warrior decks

A week has passed since the release of the update that brought many interesting changes and decks. So I’ve decided to start a serious of posts dedicated to the best decks for ladder. Today I’m going to analyze the warrior decks.

So let’s move to the most interesting details. Why have I decided to start with the warrior? The matter is that I think this is the best character for ladder. It took me 3 days and 2-3 hours of everyday playing. I’ve got 20 rank with town war starting my experience with 4th level without any problems.

Currently, I play with two types of wars in the ladder, this is a town war and a pirate war. That was changed in this update, but it became more complicated and less easy to play then previously.

First, let’s discuss a town war. I’m going to analyze which decks it can beat easily and how to mulligan against other classes.

This is my deck for taunt warrior:

Un’Goro Quest Warrior decks. Photo 1

There are different types of this deck, but I prefer this one. Some players do not take Grommash, other play without shield slams, but with a Keeper and cheap taunts. I decided to make a deck suit my needs and I’m satisfied with the results.

So how to play against other classes and what maps do you need for the starting hand?


This is perhaps the most difficult matchup for this deck. I try to mulligan cheap taunts, to get a rat, and to disable his spells to clean the table. It is important to kill everything around and keep attacking directly to the face. If your opponent has got a good hand, there is almost no chances for a win, however, it is still possible if you get a good hand as well.


This is an easy win if you get good cards at the beginning of the game. You will need whirlwinds, small taunts, ghouls, dirty rats, and everything that it would be difficult to kill for them. In 90% of matches, this will be a win for you.


It will be an easy game if this is a rush warlock. Like with a hunter, you need to mulligan aoe skills and cheap creeps. I won them having 1 hp for at least 3 times.

There is one hand warlock, but I met it only once and won, but mulligan has no sense in this situation.


I’ve met only 2 druids, Beast (rush) and Quest. If this is a beast, the mulligan should be the same as against other rush decks. Otherwise, it will be difficult to pick up the pace and kill his creatures.  


I met only two types of shamans: Elemental and Murloc. I’ve played against Murloc on low ranks for three times, and lost all of them with no chances to win. It’s great that I haven’t met him again ;) I meet Elementals more frequently, and in these matches you need to control a table, and the chances to win are 50-50. Everything depends on the decks that you have.


I’ve seen paladin without buffs only once and beat him easily. My tactics was to multigang aoe and control the map.


I’ve played against Elementals, Quests and Secrets. The strategy to play against elementals is to clear a table and follow the quest, and if he has not rushed your and have not killed you with Pyroblast, you should win this match. Quest mages are more difficult to beat. If he gets his deck before you kill him, you have no chances to win. He puts Antonidas plus four enchantresses and attacks us with fireballs. The game will be easier with Secret, here you just need to understand what type of secrets he summons, and if you can handle with them, you win the match.  


With Taunt, the one who accomplished the quest wins. To win against pirate you need whirlwinds, ghouls, and dirty rats in starting hand.


This is the last and the rarest class, I’ve met only NZot, OTK and Silence. It is always difficult to play against NZot, as he has too much control and he will definitely kill you. The only hope is to attack his with a dirty rat. To beat OTK you need to kill his summons. In a match against Silence, you need to keep patient and easily win the game.

I’ve analyzed the taunt warrior, so let’s move to pirate:


Un’Goro Quest Warrior decks. Photo 2

I don’t like the pirate-war, but I prepared an analysis for you. If you do not want to play each match for more than 10 minutes, this is the best deck for you.

Mulligan: you need to get all small cards to make a good start.

How to play against decks? The best tactic is the following: see the face, can’t see the problems. Just try to kill the opponent as fast as possible if this is a control of the. The strategy is almost the same for rush decks, but here you can attract not only in the face.

So now I’m over with the warrior decks, and if you have some questions or want to clarify some points, write your comments.

See you in Hearthstone. May the good luck be with you =)