OpTic Gaming wins Nissan FaZe Clan Halo Invitational

The Nissan FaZe Clan Halo Invitational has come to an end. At the championship, which was held online from April 16 to 17, 16 North American teams competed for a prize pool of $75,000. The winner of the tournament was the OpTic Gaming team, which in the grand final was stronger than Cloud9 with a score of 4:1.

The tournament for the future winner began with confident victories over Incognito (3:0) and Sentinels (3:0) in the group stage. Having made it to the playoffs, the North American team continued its victorious march, defeating XSET (3:0), Pioneers (3:0) and Cloud9 (3:0), thus reaching the grand final.

In the decisive match, OpTic Gaming again defeated Cloud9 (4:1), thanks to which they earned $40,000.

Results of Nissan FaZe Clan Halo Invitational