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CS:GO Betting Guide

CS:GO is a leading shooter with long history, huge number of new versions, and world-wide fame. First Counter Strike game has been released long since 1999, with the newest version Global Offensive released in 2012. Players anticipate new editions and new maps to get involved into new CS world.

With regular updates of the game, Counter Strike remains to be popular shooter game with regular competitions and tournaments. CS:GO is included to esports competitions as the most captivating and intense battles.

CS:GO is a first person shooter, available for team vs team and pvp mode. CS:GO is available for PC (Windows, Linux, OS X) and game consoles.

A team needs to complete objective to fulfill game mission and win. The objectives depend upon the scenarios – Deathmatch or Hostage.

Deathmatch’s objective is to get more kills during the match time, and Hostage’s objective is hostage rescuing.

CS tournaments with cash prizes attract many players and many bettors who prefer games with competitive odds. Cash prizes are gathered by the investors and CS community. Prizes accumulate, rising to thousands of dollars, and the winning participant or team of the tournament receives all the reward. The biggest international tournaments offer bigger rewards than local tours and amateur competitions. A gambler should choose an event according to his style of playing.

Types of Bets

Though CS:GO is also played pvp mode, tournament are regularly hold by among teams of players. Bets are predetermined by this conception of tournaments, and types of Counter Strike bets are various. You can place a short-time bet, or long-term bet. The first is used for particular event, and the second on the result of total event. Long-term bets can be played only in advance. Short-term bets can be placed before match begins.

Except for these basic bets, there exist some bookmaker websites offer additional bets for users. For example, during international tournaments you can wager on nation of the winner team (UK team, or team from other country).

CS:GO remains the most popular shooter available to make bets. With a long history of development, huge number of admirers, the number of tournaments is also impressive. CS:GO has become the first game in esports which became available to wager. Perhaps, that is the reason of creating a Counter Strike betting strategy is necessary.

Pro leagues and world championships offer pools of more than 1 million of dollars. There are several leagues, including competitions for professionals, and newly created teams. If certain matches attract your attention, please refer schedules at the bookmaker websites.

Biggest Tournaments

There are several international competition for CS:GO, though professional players regularly choose only some of them. Each Counter Strike tournament attracts millions of gamblers and thousands of professional players. And the reason is huge money pools which are offered to participants.

Dreamhack is the biggest CS:GO competition which is held twice a year. Best teams are invited to this competition. Dreamhack offer not only CS game tournaments, but also other games. Swedish teams regularly dominate in Dreamhack competitions, though players from other countries also receive the grand prix of the championships (French team in 2014, and Ukrainian team in 2010).

CS:GO events are held all the year long, including some international matches. There are also special seasonal matches. Among other popular CS:GO competitions Pro League, CEVO Professional and the Counter Pit League also deserve the attention of the bettors.

Counter Strike gamblers always look for the most paying events. Pay attention: to win big, the biggest events are not the best choice. The matter is that the winning usually depends on the odds and number of participants. Local events accumulate lower number of bettors than international ones.

DotA 2 Betting Guide

Thousands of gamblers eager to participate into DotA 2 series of events. Hundreds of popular player teams have their fans and supporters. It took some time for DotA 2 to reach the highest levels of gambling popularity and cause the most desperate competitions among teams. And now this game has reached its aim and became #1 esports entertainment.  The tournaments are hold locally and internationally. Gambling websites and bookmakers allow DotA 2 fans and gamblers wager on different events, including the most popular international tournaments.

DotA 2 popularity is predetermined by pool size and level of the tournament. As a rule, international tournaments accumulate more teams and possibilities for gambling than local teams.

To make bets on DotA 2 game, an esports gambler needs to understand not only betting principles, but also some game basics. It is also useful to understand differences between tournaments and select the best event for you.

DotA 2 is a legendary Warcraft III maps which has been released as a separated game. DotA 2 has spawned some other popular games and became the most prominent and successful MOBA games and. Rising of game popularity has brought DotA 2 to esports, and now it is the game that is chosen by millions to play and make bets on.

The quantity of DotA 2 players is approximately 1mln, and it continues to grow. It gives premises that in the nearest time number of DotA players will increase even more, and the competition will become even more acute. It follows thence, esports betting for DotA tournaments also rises.

Rewards to the participants of the tournaments are astonishing. Previous year (2015) pool of the International tournament was over 6.5 million. Prize money of betting competitions continues to rise as well.

How to Bet in DotA 2 game

If you regularly watch DotA 2 events, you definitely have your own favorites and leaders-to-be. But to make profit from watching tournaments, understand how DotA 2 betting system works.

Dota 2 types of bets include the following possible ones:

Match Winner DotA 2 Bets 

You place this stake when you are sure that a certain team succeeds. This bet is met in all types of sports and electronic sports activities.

Handicap Betting DotA 2 Bets

One team receives additional points before the match begins. Chances of two teams are equalized, one of which is stronger than another. This type of bets increases gambler’s odds, contributing to the increased income. This bet is used in all kinds of sports betting, and esports has taken it as the most promising and challenging betting method.

Double Chance DotA 2 Bets

When a gambler meets outcomes of matches which hardly can occur, he wagers on two other outcomes, doubling up the chances. For example, a draw and winning of a team (a draw is a rare outcomes in e-sports, and in DotA game as well).

Correct Score

The most challenging, though the most paying bet both in traditional sports and e-sports. This bet requires placing money on the score. It is placed on several events in a row. This bet can be named one of the accumulator bets.

Map X Winner

DotA 2 competitions include several rounds. One team should play both on Radiant and Dire sides. Placing Map X Winner bet, a gambler chooses on which of the sides a certain team wins. For example, Team A wins on Radiant side, but loses match when plays for Dire.

One Map Winner

This bet in placed on series of events. In DotA 2 it is any match where two teams play against each other. This bet states, that a player should place a bet one the event when a team wins at least once in the sequence of events. This bet pays more when a gambler chooses outsider team, but it wins at least ones, though with leading teams this bet is not quite profitable.

International competitions and other big series of events have various types of DotA 2 bets. DotA 2 tournaments sometimes offer such bets as First Blood, number of kills on each side, or the team which kills Roshan.

DotA 2 Events

Unlike many other esports events, DotA 2 events are not scheduled, although there are some basic rules that regulate timing of the tournaments. For example, Dota 2 premier tournaments are regularly scheduled at the same period each year. This series lasts only several days, and to join these tours, you need to check dates of the this league regularly.

The biggest international tournaments are scheduled regularly.

To check dates of the nearest scheduled tournaments please refer special gambling websites.

If you want to join local tournaments, you should refer websites which provide information on smaller tours. Special forums and communities share information on the current tours.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Betting Guide

New games are released each day, but only a few of them are capable to raise as a sensation not only among the ordinary players but also in esports community. Hearthstone, a game based on the WoW universe, hit the rating of the best FTP online games. Due to the style of the game (characters use cards to reach the objective), this game compares favorably with shooters and arenas, which are traditionally presented in esports events.

Hearthstone is a part of World of Warcraft universe, so it is quite understandable that mostly fans has come from this game, However, easy-to-understand rules and uncomplicated game mechanics made Hearthstone attractive even for people who have never been involved into any MMORPG game. The other attractive trace of HS is mobile game version.

Although game positions itself as a FTP game, there is some chargeable content, and you can’t become a professional without making some fees (to buy different in-game stuff).

In HS game every character collects cards which boost hero’s stats and abilities. Each card performs certain function (dealing damage to enemies, healing allies, summoning additional creatures, adding some positive or negative effects, etc.). A person needs to be well-aware of all skills and understand situations which require usage of certain cards.

A person buys cards, receives them completing game objectives and missions, or gets as a reward for adventures.

Hearthstone is a good game for solo players who prefer not to participate in pvp, as well as it is good for players who give preference to regular contest and competitions between players and teams.

Types of Bets

In esports activities Hearthstone is known as a game which has the perfect odds to win big. The matter is that Hearthstone events usually accumulate huge number of players. The most popular type of wagers for Hearthsone is outright bet, where you wager on a participant. The more players participate and the more matches are held, the better payments for the winners are. However, newbies find it quite challenging to select a participant to gamble on. Even experienced bettors sometimes face the problem of choice – there are too many participants, and it is quite difficult to remember styles of playing of each one.  To succeed, always follow some of the tips for Hearthstone betting.

Hearthstone statistic shows that odds are rarely lower than 5.00 even in the games with professionals. Compare it to other games where the average odds are around 1.50.

Pay attention that in local tournaments and some individual matches odds can be lower than in world championships and other big events. Besides, the bigger the event is, the more variable the bets are. Some matchmakers give the possibility to gamble on certain players’ success (whether he eliminates in the beginning, semi-final, final, etc).

There is one more important point concerning Hearthstone bets. As the game is played in a knockout format, draw is unavailable here.

Strategies and Techniques

Hearthstone is not only a perfect game for inexperienced players, it is also perfect for inexperienced esports gambler. As the game itself does not accumulate some strategies, players act following their intuition and making decisions on the cards they have. If a newer receives good cards, but his pro enemy has bad card, a professional still has better basic chances to win.  To become a successful gambler, you need to understand Hearthstone betting bets principles.

With this share of luck involved in the game, wagering becomes quite tricky for those who prefer to follow some strategies. It reveals more possibilities for the players who want to try esports betting without getting involved into complicated game rules.

If we compare Hearthstone and DotA 2 game, we will see that DotA involves many strategies for gambling. Bettors analyze teams, their styles of playing, their rewards, they watch their streams and all the matches to understand how team performs in events. Of course, for Hearthstone bettor also some complicated methods exist. For example, they can analyze odds of different decks, though for betting it is impossible to analyze the exact odds as you never know how a person will act with the received deck.

If you eager to make gambling in Hearthstone more organized, bet on the biggest events where famous players participate. You can watch those players and analyze how what he can receive with his playing style.


Hearthstone Betting tournament is an event where gamblers make stakes  on outcomes of various events.

Being a product of the, Hearthstone regularly participates in the competitions holding by this company (The World Championship Series where all Blizzard games are played).

Another popular host for Hearthstone events if the Dreamhack, which accumulates the most popular esports games.

The competitions are held in pvp mode and team versus team mode.

The game has been released only in 2014, and there are only a few winners of the world series. In 2014, the pvp mode in the Dreamhack was dominated by Kolento (Ukraine), and Cloud9 has won team competition. In 2015 Chinese participants dominated both pvp and tvt competitions.

Heroes of the Storm Betting Guide

Blizzard Entertainment has accumulated prominent characters from different universes into one game. Being another battle arena for multiplayer gaming, it hits the record of the egamers communities, fans of Blizzard Universe, and popular online games. Released in 2015, it became newly added game in 2015 esports championship, though the pools were the same like in CS:GO, DotA 2 and other games.

Tyrael, Thrall, Sergeant Hammer – the Blizzard heroes have been gathered in this game to compete with each other. Here they can compare their skills, participate into battles, and compete to see the most skillful participant. It is a unique opportunity for players to compare skills of different game characters on one arena.

The game is usually played by teams, where each participant chooses s character according to his preferences and necessities of the team.

Blizzard Entertainment states that HotS is not a classic MOBA game, calls it a brawler, and highlights the possibility of chaotic gameplay.

An e-sports gambler has many opportunities for betting in HotS game. But to succeed, a bettor also needs to be in touch of all game principles.

About game

Creating HotS, Blizzard has contributed in creation of perfect arena for characters from different universes and games. Each team has 5 different characters which are united with the same goal and act together to defeat another team. Each team may consolidate characters which have been presented in various Blizzard games, making team play more effective and adding advantage to the team.

As a well as other esports popular games, HotS is FTP with some chargeable content. Regularly, for the professional competitions the chargeable content is necessary to show better results.

Here players should be fast with their decisions, understand principles of team playing, and be well-aware of the stats and abilities of all the characters.

HotS, like Lol, DotA 2 and other MOBA games, requires profound analysis and investigation from the bettors.

Types of Bets

MOBA games featuring team versus team game play regularly have huge variety of stakes to place, especially if the game in included into esports events. Heroes of the Storm Betting bets have classic sports gambling as well as esports stakes.

HotS is the game where teams fight for the main prize. It makes possible to choose a stake for different types of outcomes. The most common stake is the outright one. With your stake you try to guess who of the participants will succeed in event. Also, participants may put their money on winner of certain match or series of matches. Besides, there are stakes for team achievements. There are also stakes for team progress and achievements. You can wager that certain team proceeds to the knockout series, but will lose in the second match.

Each stake has its odds, and a bettor needs to analyze them before he makes a decision. Odds of the stake depend on whether the tournament is popular or not, team you want to stake on, and the outcome you choose.

Useful tips for Heroes of the Storm Betting can make your gambling more effective and lead you to success in the game.

Betting Strategy

The key betting strategy to follow in this game is to analyze how the teams play. It may require extra efforts, such as to watch streams and translations of the matches, and it may not be enough to check the hero choice. In both situations you should understand basic game notions.

Look attentively to the team members. In most cases, new players have rather weak teams, as they do not choose characters of different classes.  If a team has representatives of different classes of heroes (not only damage dealers, but also healers and specialists), the team has bigger chances to win. Each class plays significant role. A team is useless without healers. A team without damage dealer has zero chances to win. If a team has different heroes, it has a strategy to play and understands how to act in game.

Analyze the maps where team had better results. Some teams perform better at certain maps. You can make use of this information to make a winning stake.

Choose types of Heroes of the Storm betting according to the style of teams which participate in the match. It means, you make contribution to your success.


This is rather new game with only one year of being presented at world championships. World Cyber Arena, key international egames event with over $2 000 000 pool in 2015, has included HotS to played games.

HotS World Championship attracted players from different countries. Increased publicity has led to the fantastic pool prize – over $1.2 million.

Heroes of the Storm betting tournament was a good choice for Blizzard, and this game can progress as the main competitor for DotA game.

In 2016 there are several scheduled event for HotS competitions, including Korean Super League, Latin America Cup, European Cup, and Taiwan Regional Championship.

Spring Global Championship for Heroes starts in April, 2016. This event promises to discover new names in egaming and attract more players to HotS game.

League of Legends Betting Guide

LoL takes a significant place in esports activity. It still is the most popular arena for multiplayer battles, and attracts international community of players, holding competitions with huge money pools. This game presents tvt mode, allowing each member control a character, developing its abilities, and completing game objective. All team members share the same goal – to destroy enemy team’s base called Nexus.

LoL can also been played in pvp mode.

Main regions of LoL popularity are Northern America and Europe. However, Asia and Europe also become the target market for the game.

Game basics

League of Legends, inspired by DotA 2, has recently became #1 arena presented at egame championships and events. It has easier rules and gameplay than DotA 2, and inexperienced players can start to play it easily (mainly, because there are not such many different characters with various skills). To become a successful LoL gambler, learn all game standard and to be well-aware of champion’s skills and abilities. The same is required for success in League of Legends world championship betting.

Like DotA 2 game, LoL also has professional teams who compete in international competitions, and are famous in gaming circles.

Today the number of LoL players has exceeded 70 million players monthly. Due to free access to the services, players have a possibility to try out all game functions and become involved in game competitions. However, this game also has some chargeable content (some of game purchases can be made only for real money). These chargeable content is the main revenue source for LoL game.

Today LoL game has three actual modes (the Crystal Scar mode has been removed recently). First step is to select a player. A summoner (player) selects a champion (hero) to control him. Each hero has its own skills and abilities, and a player needs to control it effectively and know its abilities in different game situations.

Types of Bets

With raising number of LoL contest, the number of bettors is also rising. There are various platforms which provide possibility to place bets. League of Legends betting system is quite various, and this gives more opportunities for participants. 

LoL allows to gamble on match outcome. Unlike other esport competitions, this game does not offer draw bets (they are generally placed to minimize the odds).

To make betting on League of Legends process clear, let us analyze situation on the market. Two teams participate in match. They have the same level of playing, though team A has huge experience in international championship and competitive gaming. Team A has 1.8 odds, but Team B which has less experience in worldwide championships has 1.91 odds. Odds for other teams which had competitions at the same day were even lower – Team C received 1.04 odds.

The winnings regularly depend on the pool of tournament you participate into. For example, bets on single events never bring huge winnings, while when you gamble on whole series of events outcome, you get the chance to hit rather impressive reward. Bigger LoL events offer wider variety of bets. Some bookmakers allow to place additional bets on the result of certain team (team score, or how far this team advances in an event). Everything depends upon League of Legends betting site you choose.

Additional bets regularly have shorter odds, than the main stake on a winner. However, it can be a good chance to win cash.

Bets and Strategies

To make profits in LoL betting, a bettor needs to be competent in game rules and understand some of the expected values of bets. Understanding of League of Legends bet strategies and probabilities gives advantage to the gambler, so that he can choose not only the most promising team, but also the best competition with odds favoring a bettor. There are some manuals and tutorials on successful gambling in sports, and some advices can be used for esports. Those multimethodical books with strategies of managing your bank can be pretty useful both for new gamblers, and for experienced real money gamblers.

The important thing to remember about betting League of Legends principles, is handicapping. In classic sports event handicapping is used in the games where skill of individuals is important (for example, baseball), while it almost never is used in games where team skill has bigger importance. LoL championships are based on team contests, so handicapping is not used here. It creates better space for the bettors: while game results are unpredictable for the bookmakers, any bettor can win his bet especially when the match results can easily be guessed.

LoL gambling process requires preparation and some investigations to become a rewarding deal. First, check teams’ histories of playing. If a team has shown good results, has low rate of defeats, or some rewards for participation in championships, it has better chances to succeed in a match. Besides, if both teams have almost equal statistics, you need to be precise with your investigation. A good decision is to check history of their matches. If team A has always defeated team B, the odds speak that this time team A wins again. However, comparing of game winning and defeating rate is not the best strategy for a professional esports gambler.

Professional esports betting League of Legends strategy includes investigation style of teams, style of certain members, their preferences in choice of champions, etc. If you have been playing LoL for some time, you are probably able to determine some strategies of the teams. Watch as much matches as possible, check teams’ streams to understand how they are acting in different situation, and discover odds they have in any competitions.

Another thing you need to check is the style the team chooses to play. In fact, we can differentiate two basic LoL playing styles – aggressive and solid. Some players believe that aggressive players always win in LoL competitions. In fact, aggressive playing is good  against another team with aggressive style, but can cause defeated when played against teams which prefer methodical and solid style. Remember about that while creating your own strategy to bet League of Legends.

However, always check team history and rewards, the style of playing can never tell you actual skill of the team, unless you check their achievements.

Biggest events

LoL has several serious competitions including annual and regular seasonal events. LoL World Championship is help in October each year. It gathers teams and participant, and they dream to win the gran prix with $1 million reward. In 2015 South Korean teams became semi-finalists of the event. South Korean players have dominated in the LoL World Championship since 2013, the third season of this competition. All these events are available to bet on esports League of Legends.

Except for the money prizes (for 16 teams), the champion also receives Summoner’s Cup.

In 2016, LoL Wolrd Championship is hold in LA, USA. According competition rules, any team can participate in race. A team needs to apply in advance, and except for the experience necessary to pass through the event round, a team also needs to have a mentor.

Other famous LoL tournaments are include LCK, NA Challenger, EU Challenger, All-Star Event, regular seasons, ULOL Campus series.