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Bankroll Management. You Should Control Your Money and Balance.

Bankroll management is a strong basis a player needs to get acquainted before he starts to play for real money. Bankroll management can hardly be called a strategy. It is rather a guideline which helps control the expenses.

Basic idea

Each person somehow uses money management in life: to control expenses for food and house keeping or to save money. In gambling money management works in identical way: you track the money you spend, set some limits for bets, and control you winnings. A gambler needs to be attentive and responsible not to ignore some of the expenses.

Bankroll is money for gambling. Bankroll should not exceed your regular expenses. If you spend $100 for gambling monthly, do not settle $1000 bankroll. Make bankroll lower, it helps avoid unnecessary expenses. You should not spend all these money on gambling, it just limits your expenses. If you play for more than settled sum of money, you are not following money management strategies.

Various ways for keeping bankroll money exist. You can deposit once or divide this sum into several deposits. Everything depends on the sportsbook website you play. If you may receive a bonus for $100 deposit, you should make a invest money and receive additional bonus. Otherwise, divide money for betting into several deposits.

When you separate money, it is easier for you to control money you spend in one week or in one session. You should always not play for the won money.

Rules and key ideas

To make bankroll management more effective, you need to follow some rules and key ideas. These rules are as effective as they are simple.

Count your money

A gambler always wants to win more. But huge bets are ineffective when you lose money all the time. You’d better play with smaller bets and stay in you bankroll limits than place huge bets and lose everything you have.

$100 is just an example. The expenses depend upon you only.

Where to take money for bets? That is another question. If you a new gambler, you invest your  money. If you have some gambling experience, you probably have some winnings. Use winnings for your following bets – that is a perfect investment for your winnings.

You must not change your bankroll during the game, but you can increase sum of the bankroll before you set a new one.

Remember: if you are over with your bankroll, do not start to play on your winnings. You limit your expenses, not only deposits!

Divide your bankroll

Divide it literally or just keep in mind how much gambling money you have. In esports it is sometimes difficult to estimate all stakes, as sometime some good matches with very promising winnings appear. Always have some extra-money from your bankroll for unexpected bets with good winnings rate.

Keep the limits

The key idea of bankroll management strategy is to never exceed the settled limits. If you feel that this bet will bring you the biggest reward, keep calm and do not make it. Self-control is very important for bankroll management and once you break the rule of limits, you do not follow money management strategy.

Your needs determine the bankroll

Your bankroll should never be affected by other gamblers. If you don’t gamble professionally and play for fun, settle lower limits for bankroll. Professional gamblers make thousands of dollars bets, but they have their reasons for such risk: they analyze matches and know exactly what they expect from the match. Gamblers who are not interested in long-run investigations rarely understand the situation at the event or match, and rely upon their intuition only. This is a questionable strategy for placing bets.

Of course, huge winnings are attractive. Forget the idea of hitting several million dollars prize with random bets!

Addiction and bankroll control

Gambling addiction is the most urgent problems of gamblers. Bankroll strategy helps determine the problem and also helps in overcoming it. However, bankroll management cannot replace medical cure. If you suspect that you cannot control your gambling, please consult the specialist or ask for the help one of non-profit organizations for addicted gamblers.

If a non-addicted person can make a deposit of $100 and gamble this money for a settled period of time, an addicted gambler will spend money just in one day without even noticing that. A good idea is to set limit for banking cards – in this way a gambler cannot withdraw money and needs to play only with money he has. Another option, though only some websites offer it, is to set limits for the bets at the bookmakers websites.

Bankroll management for controlling addicted players works in a specified way. A person sets a bankroll for a certain period (let us say $100 for one month). He is afraid to lose control over himself, so he asks his bank to set a limit on his banking card (the one he uses for gambling). Now he has only $100 for the whole month. The best decision here is to wager less. A gambler still plays, but he does not spend too much money. Later on he can define the best matches for him and choose those with perfect chances.

Another situation is when a player always sets bankroll, but never follows it. If notice that you always spend too much, or that you never withdraw your winnings because you spend them on bets, consult the specialist. Perhaps you have problems with gambling.

Betting Odds Explained

Despite of the esports activity you choose for the first experience in gambling, learn out betting odds. They determine your winning, and when you understand how they work, make your best to increase your profit. However, odds system looks quite tricky for new gamblers, so it requires to be explained in details to help in making a good start for new comers.

Professional gamblers apply understanding of odds basic system in each game, and that gives them preference in any betting round.

Several esports bets exist, and generally they are common to the best used in classic sports betting:

  • Fractional (including so-called Odds-on)
  • Even
  • Decimal odds
  • American
Fractional odds

There are the odds which came from horse racing. Fractionals are of that type. Though these odds are rarely used in the international betting markets, the United Kingdom regularly includes them into the list of the odds.

They are basic odds, which are easily understood by first-time gamblers. In fact, they can explain the whole betting system, as they accumulate all basic principles into one system. Fractional odds work as stated: the second digit is your bet, and the first digit is your winning. The perfect example to explain how to use these odds is 3/1 odds where 1 is your bet, and 3 is your profit. If you win, your total income is 4 – 3 for the pure winning, and 1 is your returned bet. If we calculate odds as 4/1, you total income is 5.

To generalize this rule, we may say that the reward for this type of odds is determined by adding stake size and the first digit, indicating size of winning. Look at some more examples. If the chances are 8/2 you can calculate that the total winning equals to 10. Here, 2 is your bet and 8 is the pure income. Your income depends on the first digit.

As a rule, if it is big, it means that chances to win are not very high and vice versa. When the first digit is small, it is odds-on. It means that a player has rather big chances to become a winner in this betting round. If valued chances are 3/8, it stands for the pure income only of 3 while the total income is 11.

Decimal Odds

They are the most popular in the esports market in Asia, AU, and Europe. New bettors consider them quite complicated especially when compared to fractional, but when they catch the basic idea of gambling, they start to use these ones. The matter is that decimals offer more possibilities for bettors, and still they remain quite profitable for sportsbooks.

How it works?

Let’s explain it by the formula common to fractionals. You have total odds offered by bookmaker, you subtract 1, and receive the result. You should make formula look like the fractionals (with a slash between two numbers). For example, if total is 6.53, the formula will be 5.53/1. Here, the first indicated number is income, and the second digit is you bet of 1. If you make higher bets, another formula is used.

To understand decimal odds idea for high bets, let us analyze odds on the example of DotA 2 tournament with 5 teams. The bookmakers have the following odds for the tournament:

  • Team A 4.4
  • Team B 8.3
  • Team C 15.8
  • Team D 19.5
  • Team E. 25.6

In this list, Team A has the smallest odds. It means, that this team is a leader of the competition, whilst Team E with 25.6 odds is an outsider. If you make stakes on Team A, you get better odds with lower winning. To make up a formula for each team, let’s take 10 as our bet. So, the formulae is ODDS x BET = WINNING. The winnings are as following:

  • Team A 4.4 – 4.4 x 10 = 44
  • Team B 8.3 – 8.4 x 10 = 84
  • Team C 15.8 – 15.8 x 10 = 158
  • Team D 19.5 – 19.5 x 10 = 195
  • Team E. 25.6 – 25.6 x 10 = 156

The outsiders of bookmakers always bring better winning, as their real chances to win are quite low. For new players it is always recommended to bet on leaders. Favourites biggest odds help choose a team. Professional bettors, who have food command in game, teams, and their performances during competitions, can bet on outsiders if they think that these teams are going to win the competition.

Moneyline Odds

They promise really good winnings based on big stakes.

Moneyline odds (also called American odds) are as following: positive and negative. Some people call it the most complicated point when we talk about the understanding of these odds. Positive moneyline odds usually come with “+’, and they indicate gambler profit. E.g., you see +200 odds, it means, they you will double up the size of you bet. In this case, if your stake is 100, you return a bet plus 200 as a pure income. In fractional odds system the formula for this type of odds looks like 2/1, and decimal odds state it as 3.00.

Another type of moneyline bet is negative one and it always comes with a “–“ sign. Negative odds mean that you have better chances, but the size of reward will be lower. It indicates how much you should bet to win 100.

E.g., wager indicates -200. You make bet of 100, and receive pure income of 50 plus your bet. In fractionals the formula is 1/2, and decimals convert it into 1.50.

CS:GO Betting Guide

CS:GO is a leading shooter with long history, huge number of new versions, and world-wide fame. First Counter Strike game has been released long since 1999, with the newest version Global Offensive released in 2012. Players anticipate new editions and new maps to get involved into new CS world.

With regular updates of the game, Counter Strike remains to be popular shooter game with regular competitions and tournaments. CS:GO is included to esports competitions as the most captivating and intense battles.

CS:GO is a first person shooter, available for team vs team and pvp mode. CS:GO is available for PC (Windows, Linux, OS X) and game consoles.

A team needs to complete objective to fulfill game mission and win. The objectives depend upon the scenarios – Deathmatch or Hostage.

Deathmatch’s objective is to get more kills during the match time, and Hostage’s objective is hostage rescuing.

CS tournaments with cash prizes attract many players and many bettors who prefer games with competitive odds. Cash prizes are gathered by the investors and CS community. Prizes accumulate, rising to thousands of dollars, and the winning participant or team of the tournament receives all the reward. The biggest international tournaments offer bigger rewards than local tours and amateur competitions. A gambler should choose an event according to his style of playing.

Types of Bets

Though CS:GO is also played pvp mode, tournament are regularly hold by among teams of players. Bets are predetermined by this conception of tournaments, and types of Counter Strike bets are various. You can place a short-time bet, or long-term bet. The first is used for particular event, and the second on the result of total event. Long-term bets can be played only in advance. Short-term bets can be placed before match begins.

Except for these basic bets, there exist some bookmaker websites offer additional bets for users. For example, during international tournaments you can wager on nation of the winner team (UK team, or team from other country).

CS:GO remains the most popular shooter available to make bets. With a long history of development, huge number of admirers, the number of tournaments is also impressive. CS:GO has become the first game in esports which became available to wager. Perhaps, that is the reason of creating a Counter Strike betting strategy is necessary.

Pro leagues and world championships offer pools of more than 1 million of dollars. There are several leagues, including competitions for professionals, and newly created teams. If certain matches attract your attention, please refer schedules at the bookmaker websites.

Biggest Tournaments

There are several international competition for CS:GO, though professional players regularly choose only some of them. Each Counter Strike tournament attracts millions of gamblers and thousands of professional players. And the reason is huge money pools which are offered to participants.

Dreamhack is the biggest CS:GO competition which is held twice a year. Best teams are invited to this competition. Dreamhack offer not only CS game tournaments, but also other games. Swedish teams regularly dominate in Dreamhack competitions, though players from other countries also receive the grand prix of the championships (French team in 2014, and Ukrainian team in 2010).

CS:GO events are held all the year long, including some international matches. There are also special seasonal matches. Among other popular CS:GO competitions Pro League, CEVO Professional and the Counter Pit League also deserve the attention of the bettors.

Counter Strike gamblers always look for the most paying events. Pay attention: to win big, the biggest events are not the best choice. The matter is that the winning usually depends on the odds and number of participants. Local events accumulate lower number of bettors than international ones.

Different Bets in Gambling - Type of Bets

The days when you came to the bookmaker and asked to place a couple of bets are over. Today there exist bets which differ according to the situation or match they can be placed, outcomes, and even for the special events that are going on during a certain championship. Check up odds in different esports markets and probabilities of winning, and choose those odds which can bring you perfect wins.

We distinguish the following types of bets:

  • Outright
  • Match
  • Handicap
  • Accumulator
  • Special
Outright bets

Traditional bet in esports. Sometimes it is placed on a single match not on the whole online tournament, though traditionally it works for the total event.

These odds are usually quite high, but new online player can find it a little bit frustrating to make such bets. The results become available only when the tour is over. In case you bet right before the series has started, gamblers should wait the results to know whether they succeeded or failed.

They have the following tricks and features:

  • Favorite teams and players regularly have lower odds. E.g., you place wager on a favorite team, you can easily win, but the reward will be lower.
  • Outsiders have better odds. If you place bet on their success and they win, you can receive quite lucrative reward.
  • Always make bet before a series starts. You catch up the moment with the bets odds (the odds are lower when the series or tournament is in progress)
Match bets

They have some common features with the outrights– they are also placed on a certain event. However, this bet is used predominantly for one-on-one match, but not a series. It makes odds really low. You can hardly find 2.00 odds for match bets, while outrights offer up to 6.00 odds.

The bets regularly offer three types of outcome  to bet on: win of the team, loss, and draw. Pay attention: in knockout series there are no draw bets.

They make easy profit. Put these stakes on outsiders.

Handicap bets

In esports there exist a great problem of low odds, and most of the bets are eager to increase those odds adding some new conditions and specifies. Handicap bets are one of those which are frequently placed in matches with low odds. According to this bet, one team or players always has advantage over the opponent. Handicap bet allows to equal basic chances for both teams. Match leader receives a minus handicap, while the outsider receives a plus handicap. Two teams have the same conditions, and the odds for bettors are rising.

Accumulator bet

This is another bet for low odds matches. The name explains bet’s idea: the bets are accumulated into a line of bets, and the reward is paid when the series is over. Special terminology includes: double, triple, fourfold, fivefold, and so one bet. The more winning bets in a row you hit, the more your odds rise.

Avoid accumulator bets if you are not ready for a risk. If only you have mastered other types, make a new step and increase reward to thousands of dollars with the smallest starting stakes.

Special bets

They are frequently met in classic sports activities, while in esports they are very rare. The matter is that special bets are created for any possible situation, and player can make a bet even on the Internet disconnect for a player from team A. That is the most risky bet, but these types are always extremely attractive for the bettors.

Of course, even with the bet of $1 a gambler can win a fortune if his bet works. But as the statistics shows, winning this bet is like winning a jackpot – only a few gamblers have managed to do that.

These bets are created for unexpected events, and are almost never connecter with the analysis or profound research. It is explained, that you can even wager on the weather in the day of match or number of female players in the competition.

DotA 2 Betting Guide

Thousands of gamblers eager to participate into DotA 2 series of events. Hundreds of popular player teams have their fans and supporters. It took some time for DotA 2 to reach the highest levels of gambling popularity and cause the most desperate competitions among teams. And now this game has reached its aim and became #1 esports entertainment.  The tournaments are hold locally and internationally. Gambling websites and bookmakers allow DotA 2 fans and gamblers wager on different events, including the most popular international tournaments.

DotA 2 popularity is predetermined by pool size and level of the tournament. As a rule, international tournaments accumulate more teams and possibilities for gambling than local teams.

To make bets on DotA 2 game, an esports gambler needs to understand not only betting principles, but also some game basics. It is also useful to understand differences between tournaments and select the best event for you.

DotA 2 is a legendary Warcraft III maps which has been released as a separated game. DotA 2 has spawned some other popular games and became the most prominent and successful MOBA games and. Rising of game popularity has brought DotA 2 to esports, and now it is the game that is chosen by millions to play and make bets on.

The quantity of DotA 2 players is approximately 1mln, and it continues to grow. It gives premises that in the nearest time number of DotA players will increase even more, and the competition will become even more acute. It follows thence, esports betting for DotA tournaments also rises.

Rewards to the participants of the tournaments are astonishing. Previous year (2015) pool of the International tournament was over 6.5 million. Prize money of betting competitions continues to rise as well.

How to Bet in DotA 2 game

If you regularly watch DotA 2 events, you definitely have your own favorites and leaders-to-be. But to make profit from watching tournaments, understand how DotA 2 betting system works.

Dota 2 types of bets include the following possible ones:

Match Winner DotA 2 Bets 

You place this stake when you are sure that a certain team succeeds. This bet is met in all types of sports and electronic sports activities.

Handicap Betting DotA 2 Bets

One team receives additional points before the match begins. Chances of two teams are equalized, one of which is stronger than another. This type of bets increases gambler’s odds, contributing to the increased income. This bet is used in all kinds of sports betting, and esports has taken it as the most promising and challenging betting method.

Double Chance DotA 2 Bets

When a gambler meets outcomes of matches which hardly can occur, he wagers on two other outcomes, doubling up the chances. For example, a draw and winning of a team (a draw is a rare outcomes in e-sports, and in DotA game as well).

Correct Score

The most challenging, though the most paying bet both in traditional sports and e-sports. This bet requires placing money on the score. It is placed on several events in a row. This bet can be named one of the accumulator bets.

Map X Winner

DotA 2 competitions include several rounds. One team should play both on Radiant and Dire sides. Placing Map X Winner bet, a gambler chooses on which of the sides a certain team wins. For example, Team A wins on Radiant side, but loses match when plays for Dire.

One Map Winner

This bet in placed on series of events. In DotA 2 it is any match where two teams play against each other. This bet states, that a player should place a bet one the event when a team wins at least once in the sequence of events. This bet pays more when a gambler chooses outsider team, but it wins at least ones, though with leading teams this bet is not quite profitable.

International competitions and other big series of events have various types of DotA 2 bets. DotA 2 tournaments sometimes offer such bets as First Blood, number of kills on each side, or the team which kills Roshan.

DotA 2 Events

Unlike many other esports events, DotA 2 events are not scheduled, although there are some basic rules that regulate timing of the tournaments. For example, Dota 2 premier tournaments are regularly scheduled at the same period each year. This series lasts only several days, and to join these tours, you need to check dates of the this league regularly.

The biggest international tournaments are scheduled regularly.

To check dates of the nearest scheduled tournaments please refer special gambling websites.

If you want to join local tournaments, you should refer websites which provide information on smaller tours. Special forums and communities share information on the current tours.

E-sports Betting: How to Start? Why Gamblers Fail?

Gambling has made a long way from aristocratic entertainment to neglecting and disdain. Today gambling has become a new field to earn a fortune, and the gambling itself has grown up and penetrated into different spheres of our lives. When gambling went online, its benefits became available for all players. From the neglecting and up to profitable business – gambling managed to rise to #1 entertainment through thousands of obstacles.

Online gambling keeps spreading into our leisure time and even professional activity. It all started in early 90-ies with online casinos and betting rooms, 2000-ies brought more options for players, and 2010-ies are the era of mobile gambling and electronic sports. Stakes on electronic sports are a breakthrough in modern activities. The average age of esports betting fans is lower than in any other field of gambling industry.

As a rule, online gambler is involved into electronic sports, though a person is not a pro. The more a person plays, the closer is understanding of making good money just analyzing other players and teams. You master their game skills and make money placing stakes on electronic sports events and it leads you to success. Still, each of them needs some basis to be aware of everything what they can do during gambling.

Just a decade ago video games were a pastime for schoolboys. Now those schoolboys are grown-ups who conquer the world of electronic sports. International tournaments, regional championships, season events gather world community. Pools for the winners are mind-breaking: champions of the competitions receive the rewards of more than $1 000 000!

The number of tournaments and championships is impressive: games have their own events, regional and international events, events that gather different activities, etc. It is impossible for only one person to participate (especially, if he wants to be successful) in all events. A new bettor should choose one event, and for professional gambler several events. They watch different competitions, analyze competitors, and choose teams which perform perfectly during the matches. Get basic knowledge of a game.

Except for that, remember rules implied in any activity. These rules include bankroll management methods and mathematics of gambling. Please follow our instructions to discover basic principles of important activities and notions.

You can refer to our instruction any time you need it. We recommend to read all the articles, although if you have experience in gambling, you can skip some of the articles, or get acquainted only with some of them. But the full comprehension of the issue leads to increased winning. We will show you how you can reach the top of gambling world making stakes on electronic sports and cover the following issues:

  • Betting odds explained
  • Different bets in gambling
  • Work of the bookmakers
  • How to choose a bookmaker
  • Promotions and offers
  • Effective strategies
  • Maths and Statistics
  • Bankroll Management
  • Psychological Issues
  • Ways to succeed
How to start

Several years ago electronic sports became the activity which draws attention of the society: thousands of players made huge money enjoying computer games. Millions of players decided that they can also participate in international events. But it quickly became clear that teams which participate in World Tournaments work really hard to master their skills and perform in international areas. The competitions has always been really tough and millions of players dreamt to join those events. That gave the development for electronic sports betting. Today thousands of players and millions of gamblers follow international and regional events to place stakes on the teams and players.

Egames betting requires the same professionalism and mastery as playing the game. Expert gamblers spend weeks analyzing results of teams and players, comparing their styles and checking odds. Some of the bettors choose only one game to follow, and it results in advantage to their odds. They perfectly know all game principles, teams, and understand the odds of any match.

Two types of gamblers exist. The first one are gamblers who learn out the game, its principles and facts. The second type is gamblers who learn statistics of teams and compare teams’ achievements. Both of the ways have their pros and cons. Combination of two these methods can lead to better results.

Reasons of failure

A common misbelieve concerning esports gambling is that each bet brings huge money here. In reality, it is still gambling, and it still accumulates a share of luck and hard working. Fortune is an effective thing, but it can never become only one key to eternal success.

Tutorials about how to make stakes and manage your money are only basis for the gamblers. Professional players should learn out games, watch matches and miss some events just watching the teams and calculating odds for the up-coming event, following betting guide tips. A person must work hard to succeed. You can always enjoy stakes just as a part of your pastime without paying attention to strategies and learning information.

The secret of success lies in profound understanding of all principles concerning the game itself and betting. However, lack of knowledge becomes the reason of failure.

If you eager to create a good base for betting, read basic guide and play those games. That is useful for understanding the odds, and brings you to increased winnings.

Effective Strategies for Betting

Everything starts with learning basics. You cannot become a doctor without studying, or succeed in physics unless you know at least some basic laws. The same is about gambling – you can expect winnings, so you never get them until you discover all game basics and additionally learn out how to make bets with your money not to lose everything you have. The essentials create a strong basis for permanent success. We may even say, that knowledge of the basics what differs an expert from an amateur.

Understanding of basic betting online strategies reveals far more way for successful betting, and even new gambler can receive more winnings if he follows some of the key basic ideas. Here we explain betting secrets, to find some new ways of gambling, so use these ways in your gambling.

Cash outs

This is a new feature presented at gambling halls and sportsbook and effective tool to gamble at online bookmakers. Recently only some of the websites have offered it to visitors, but its popularity runs out so quickly, that cash out has appeared almost everywhere. Cash out in gambling is the additional way to make profits placing a stake. In fact, according to this method you receive a chance to withdraw your stake in cash before event results are known. E.g., a player understands that he is losing, he may save his money. He may also rebet (with lower odds of course) on another team, and instead of losing his stake win some additional cash.

This is a betting system which really works in favor of a player. Not everyone knows about the opportunity to cash out their bets, so operators offer them for everyone.

Another tricky point about the cash outs is accumulator stake, which can really make a fortune cashing out each time you hit a significant win. You can always win huge money, if you are lucky, but sometimes you should protect yourself receive the reward immediately.

Prefer totals

If you gamble at big contest, you probably have noticed that as a rule there are some leaders and some outsiders at each match. So you need to follow online betting guide and find an effective way for you. Let’s look closer at one of possible situations.

You have two choices: wager on leader and receive some pathetic reward which actually has nothing common with your expectations, or make a wager on the outsiders. Outsiders lose, and you lose money, and this is now what you are waiting from your gambling. To overcome this situation, play at matches with 2.00 odds (also known as 50/50) or matches with odds which are close to those numbers. As a rule, there are no favorites or outsiders at the contest and you have equal chances for winning or losing. These odds are called ‘game time’, ‘elimination’ or even ‘total kills’, and if you want some real game, choose matches with these odds.

Among sports betting strategies this one is really effective and promises good rewards.

Small Events – Big Winnings

New gamblers usually ignore that, but this is the most effective and best betting system. They think that the biggest odds wait for them at international competitions.  However, the fact is the smaller the contest is, the bigger the chances for winning a stake are. Besides, during international and other big events the bookmakers make the odds favor them to make bigger profit from the event. The number of participant is also bigger, and that is another point why your potential winnings become lower. But neither bookmakers, nor most of the gamblers are interested in small competitions. Make a try to participate in some local tournaments which are ignored by the bettors and gamblers, and see how much one stake can bring you.

Small bets for bigger winnings

The other mistake of new players is that they place bets either on the matches with very big odds, which pay almost nothing, or on the matches with very low bets. Online betting strategies state that this situation can be changed in the favor of a gambler. There is another way to win bigger money with low stakes – accumulator stake. This is the best betting strategy for the professionals and for the gamblers who still do not have their own strategy for placing bets. According to this strategy, a gambler needs to place an accumulator stake on several events with big odds. Here, chances favor the gambler, but the accumulator stake increases the total income. Give a try to accumulator stake with big odds if you want an effective method for playing.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Betting Guide

New games are released each day, but only a few of them are capable to raise as a sensation not only among the ordinary players but also in esports community. Hearthstone, a game based on the WoW universe, hit the rating of the best FTP online games. Due to the style of the game (characters use cards to reach the objective), this game compares favorably with shooters and arenas, which are traditionally presented in esports events.

Hearthstone is a part of World of Warcraft universe, so it is quite understandable that mostly fans has come from this game, However, easy-to-understand rules and uncomplicated game mechanics made Hearthstone attractive even for people who have never been involved into any MMORPG game. The other attractive trace of HS is mobile game version.

Although game positions itself as a FTP game, there is some chargeable content, and you can’t become a professional without making some fees (to buy different in-game stuff).

In HS game every character collects cards which boost hero’s stats and abilities. Each card performs certain function (dealing damage to enemies, healing allies, summoning additional creatures, adding some positive or negative effects, etc.). A person needs to be well-aware of all skills and understand situations which require usage of certain cards.

A person buys cards, receives them completing game objectives and missions, or gets as a reward for adventures.

Hearthstone is a good game for solo players who prefer not to participate in pvp, as well as it is good for players who give preference to regular contest and competitions between players and teams.

Types of Bets

In esports activities Hearthstone is known as a game which has the perfect odds to win big. The matter is that Hearthstone events usually accumulate huge number of players. The most popular type of wagers for Hearthsone is outright bet, where you wager on a participant. The more players participate and the more matches are held, the better payments for the winners are. However, newbies find it quite challenging to select a participant to gamble on. Even experienced bettors sometimes face the problem of choice – there are too many participants, and it is quite difficult to remember styles of playing of each one.  To succeed, always follow some of the tips for Hearthstone betting.

Hearthstone statistic shows that odds are rarely lower than 5.00 even in the games with professionals. Compare it to other games where the average odds are around 1.50.

Pay attention that in local tournaments and some individual matches odds can be lower than in world championships and other big events. Besides, the bigger the event is, the more variable the bets are. Some matchmakers give the possibility to gamble on certain players’ success (whether he eliminates in the beginning, semi-final, final, etc).

There is one more important point concerning Hearthstone bets. As the game is played in a knockout format, draw is unavailable here.

Strategies and Techniques

Hearthstone is not only a perfect game for inexperienced players, it is also perfect for inexperienced esports gambler. As the game itself does not accumulate some strategies, players act following their intuition and making decisions on the cards they have. If a newer receives good cards, but his pro enemy has bad card, a professional still has better basic chances to win.  To become a successful gambler, you need to understand Hearthstone betting bets principles.

With this share of luck involved in the game, wagering becomes quite tricky for those who prefer to follow some strategies. It reveals more possibilities for the players who want to try esports betting without getting involved into complicated game rules.

If we compare Hearthstone and DotA 2 game, we will see that DotA involves many strategies for gambling. Bettors analyze teams, their styles of playing, their rewards, they watch their streams and all the matches to understand how team performs in events. Of course, for Hearthstone bettor also some complicated methods exist. For example, they can analyze odds of different decks, though for betting it is impossible to analyze the exact odds as you never know how a person will act with the received deck.

If you eager to make gambling in Hearthstone more organized, bet on the biggest events where famous players participate. You can watch those players and analyze how what he can receive with his playing style.


Hearthstone Betting tournament is an event where gamblers make stakes  on outcomes of various events.

Being a product of the, Hearthstone regularly participates in the competitions holding by this company (The World Championship Series where all Blizzard games are played).

Another popular host for Hearthstone events if the Dreamhack, which accumulates the most popular esports games.

The competitions are held in pvp mode and team versus team mode.

The game has been released only in 2014, and there are only a few winners of the world series. In 2014, the pvp mode in the Dreamhack was dominated by Kolento (Ukraine), and Cloud9 has won team competition. In 2015 Chinese participants dominated both pvp and tvt competitions.

Heroes of the Storm Betting Guide

Blizzard Entertainment has accumulated prominent characters from different universes into one game. Being another battle arena for multiplayer gaming, it hits the record of the egamers communities, fans of Blizzard Universe, and popular online games. Released in 2015, it became newly added game in 2015 esports championship, though the pools were the same like in CS:GO, DotA 2 and other games.

Tyrael, Thrall, Sergeant Hammer – the Blizzard heroes have been gathered in this game to compete with each other. Here they can compare their skills, participate into battles, and compete to see the most skillful participant. It is a unique opportunity for players to compare skills of different game characters on one arena.

The game is usually played by teams, where each participant chooses s character according to his preferences and necessities of the team.

Blizzard Entertainment states that HotS is not a classic MOBA game, calls it a brawler, and highlights the possibility of chaotic gameplay.

An e-sports gambler has many opportunities for betting in HotS game. But to succeed, a bettor also needs to be in touch of all game principles.

About game

Creating HotS, Blizzard has contributed in creation of perfect arena for characters from different universes and games. Each team has 5 different characters which are united with the same goal and act together to defeat another team. Each team may consolidate characters which have been presented in various Blizzard games, making team play more effective and adding advantage to the team.

As a well as other esports popular games, HotS is FTP with some chargeable content. Regularly, for the professional competitions the chargeable content is necessary to show better results.

Here players should be fast with their decisions, understand principles of team playing, and be well-aware of the stats and abilities of all the characters.

HotS, like Lol, DotA 2 and other MOBA games, requires profound analysis and investigation from the bettors.

Types of Bets

MOBA games featuring team versus team game play regularly have huge variety of stakes to place, especially if the game in included into esports events. Heroes of the Storm Betting bets have classic sports gambling as well as esports stakes.

HotS is the game where teams fight for the main prize. It makes possible to choose a stake for different types of outcomes. The most common stake is the outright one. With your stake you try to guess who of the participants will succeed in event. Also, participants may put their money on winner of certain match or series of matches. Besides, there are stakes for team achievements. There are also stakes for team progress and achievements. You can wager that certain team proceeds to the knockout series, but will lose in the second match.

Each stake has its odds, and a bettor needs to analyze them before he makes a decision. Odds of the stake depend on whether the tournament is popular or not, team you want to stake on, and the outcome you choose.

Useful tips for Heroes of the Storm Betting can make your gambling more effective and lead you to success in the game.

Betting Strategy

The key betting strategy to follow in this game is to analyze how the teams play. It may require extra efforts, such as to watch streams and translations of the matches, and it may not be enough to check the hero choice. In both situations you should understand basic game notions.

Look attentively to the team members. In most cases, new players have rather weak teams, as they do not choose characters of different classes.  If a team has representatives of different classes of heroes (not only damage dealers, but also healers and specialists), the team has bigger chances to win. Each class plays significant role. A team is useless without healers. A team without damage dealer has zero chances to win. If a team has different heroes, it has a strategy to play and understands how to act in game.

Analyze the maps where team had better results. Some teams perform better at certain maps. You can make use of this information to make a winning stake.

Choose types of Heroes of the Storm betting according to the style of teams which participate in the match. It means, you make contribution to your success.


This is rather new game with only one year of being presented at world championships. World Cyber Arena, key international egames event with over $2 000 000 pool in 2015, has included HotS to played games.

HotS World Championship attracted players from different countries. Increased publicity has led to the fantastic pool prize – over $1.2 million.

Heroes of the Storm betting tournament was a good choice for Blizzard, and this game can progress as the main competitor for DotA game.

In 2016 there are several scheduled event for HotS competitions, including Korean Super League, Latin America Cup, European Cup, and Taiwan Regional Championship.

Spring Global Championship for Heroes starts in April, 2016. This event promises to discover new names in egaming and attract more players to HotS game.

How to Choose a Bookmaker - Points for Making Attention to !!!

Online esports gambling market has just started to grow, and unlike with online casinos and classic sports betting, good egames halls are quite rarely met. However, the biggest bookmaking sites offer esports gambling along with horse racing, baseball, and casino games.

Before you choose betting website, check some of the criteria. There are some unreliable operators with hundreds of websites with esports gambling, but they never pay back won money.

You must avoid scam operators. The best option is to choose world famous operators with multilanguage support and various currency and banking methods accepted.

Be ready to spend a few hours searching various promotions and websites and you will find the ideal sportsbook.

5 steps to choose sportsbook

Bear in mind the following steps while choosing egaming bookmaker. Be attentive with them not to trap into situation when you win money, and the sportsbook website blocks your account.


Security is a key to success. Here the reputation of websites is important, protected money transactions, and legitimacy of the bookmaker. You should never trust everyone who offers you the biggest odds and attractive bonuses. As a rule scam website promise you big money, but they only take, never pay. You need to check whether the bookmaker has a special license for the activity. A lot of websites do not have verification or license and provide their services illegally.

Choice of games

You should look for the sportsbook with e-sports betting offers, and sportbooks which provides bets for your favorite games or events. As a rule, world tournaments for egames are presented at all bookmaker websites, but small or local competitions are missing. You can also visit game’s official page to find out the current schedule of the events and website which allow to bet on those events.


Odds are important. Odds make your winning. Comparing different bookmakers’ odds for the same event to choose the one which pays more.

Bonuses for members

Sportsbook websites sometimes offer a set of bonuses for players. It all started with online casinos which offered sets of promotions for newers and current members. Sportsbooks offer bonuses to attract more visitors and make their customers place more stakes. This is a part of advertising for a bookmaker. Some places still do not offer bonuses for members. Yet, they offer more profitable odds, and that works better than any advertising. Good odds bring regular profit from betting both for players and bookmakers.

Features for customers

This is the last point which also requires precise attention. Never ignore it, as it can spoil your expectations from any esports bookmaking website. Piece of advice for mobile gamblers:  always pay attention whether the mobile version of app is offered. If you prefer live betting, look for this option. Check currency, languages available for support, and other factor which make gambling more convenient.

Other points to consider

These are only 5 basic steps for beginners. Professional bettors are regularly invited by different bookmakers to try out luck at their websites. As a rule, in this case they offer some lucrative bonuses and some additional benefits for the invited players.

Each professional gambler has its own algorithm for finding a new place to play at. Someone consults the support system of the sportsbooking websites, asking tricky questions. Other just make small bets at different websites to understand how fair these websites are. Still, most of the professional gamblers prefer to play big only at one website where they feel confident.

If you are still in choice of the bookmaker, start with several world famous operators, making bets at the same event and looking how the odds affect your winnings. Compare the time of money withdrawal and how quickly site pays your win. Never doubt to consult customer service and ask for some benefits.

Worldwide-famous operators for esports gambling the names of Betway, VitalBet, and Pinnacle stand out with their offers. To find other websites visit official pages of your favorite games or tournaments and find bookmakers which are featured there.

Instructions - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, CS:GO is a computer game developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. This is the newest game in Counter-Strike series of games.

1. A player selects one of the teams before the game starts. He may play for the Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists team

2.The match is played at the previously selected map.

3. Each game consists of rounds. A team wins round when the round mission is completed. The Counter-Terrorists team must save the hostages or detonate bomb, the Terrorists team must kill all members of the Counter-Terrorists team or plant a bomb and protect until it detonates.

4. Before the round starts each player has an access to game shop and may buy weapon or necessary equipment.

5. Players are awarded with money for killing enemies and completing game missions (rescue the hostage, plant a bomb, defuse a bomb, etc.)

6.After 15 rounds are completed, players exchange their teams. To win the match, a team needs to become the first one to win 16 game rounds

*Rules for the competitive mode


CS:GO has 5 online modes:

  • Classic Casual
  • Competitive
  • Deathmatch
  • Arms Race
  • Demolition


CS:GO ranking

To rank-up a player needs to play 10 matches in Competitive mode.


Silver I

Silver II

Silver III

Silver IV

Silver Elite

Silver Elite Master

Gold Nova I

Gold Nova II

Gold Nova III

Gold Nova Master

Master Guardian I

Master Guardian II

Master Guardian Elite

Distinguished Master Guardian

Legendary Eagle

Legendary Eagle Master

Supreme Master First Class

The Global Elite


Types of violations

  • Usage of prohibited software
  • Predetermined damaging or killing of allies
  • Quitting match mid-game

In case of violation, the Competitive mode is blocked for a player

  • 1-st quitting for 30 minutes
  • 2-nd quitting for 2 hours
  • 3-rd quitting for 24 days
  • 4-th quitting for 7 days
Instructions - DotA 2

Dota 2 is a computer multiplayer online battle arena game, a model of famous DotA map for Warcraft III game in a separated client.

A player commands a hero, collecting experience and gold to buy items. Main objective of the game is to destroy enemy’s Ancient structure protected by the towers. Battles are guided at the map with three lanes guarded by creeps. Creeps are controlled by AI (artificial intellect). Players may get involved into the battles against another team to collect additional experience and gold.

DotA has many heroes. Each of them has its own skin and unique skills. Heroes are classified according to their main attributes: Strength, Intelligence, and Agility. Each hero has these characteristics, but for each point of one of main attribute, damage is increased by 1.

Also attributes influence hero statuses in the following way:

  • Each Strength point increases maximum HP by 19
  • Each Strength point increases Health Regeneration by 0.03 per second
  • Each 7 Agility points increase Armor by 1
  • Each Agility point increases Attack Speed by 1
  • Each Intelligence point increases maximum mana points by 13
  • Each Intelligence point increases Mana Regeneration by 0.04 per second


Primary roles


Carries are heroes who must farm as much as possible to buy new items. Strength of carries depends upon the items they have. Their power potential reaches its peak at the late game. Carries are the main strength of the team. However, the team should not consist of carries only, as they will impede each other to gain experience and farm gold.


Supports are the heroes who help their allies. They slow down and immobilize enemies, heal allies, and help their allies in gaining experience and farming gold. Supports also watch the team not to be taken aback. These heroes do not depend on items, that is why they buy items which help team in reaching their objective, e.g. Smoke of Deceit, Animal Courier, Observer Ward and Sentry Ward. Support who stands at one lane with carry hero never last-hits creeps and leaves it to carry hero.


Gankers are the heroes who quickly kill enemy heroes. The main objective for Ganker is to interfere enemy heroes with killing or damaging them. Gankers are also extremely important for a team. They prevent enemy carries from boosting, while ally carries farm gold and gain experience.

Secondary roles


Initiators are required to start the combat. They immobilize enemies and deal area of effect damage, giving their allies possibility to kill more enemy heroes. Initiators should avoid heroes with high HP rate, and focus on supports and other heroes with low HP rate. Initiators regularly have AoE skills, which inflect several targets.


Pushers’ specialization is destroying enemy creeps and towers to finish the game as quick as possible. In this way, enemy carries do not have enough time to boost themselves. Pushers have skills to stop enemy creeps quickly, or to accumulate ally creeps.


Junglers are the heroes who can collect experience and farm in the jungles. In this way they allow one of the allies stay alone at the lane, getting all experience and farming more gold. As a rule, Junglers have skills to control neutral creeps or to kill them quickly. The advantage of taking Jungler in team is to gain more experience than enemies (if that does not interfere with quick development of the allies).


At the early game, Roamers perform function of Gankers. They can quickly move across the map appearing in different lanes and killing enemy heroes. At the early game they do not farm creeps.


These heroes have good defense, so they can sustain greater damage and lose less HP. They undertake damage and protect other heroes with lower defense and HP.


Heroes with fast cooldown skills.


Artifacts are important game elements. They give owner different bonuses and even additional skills. Each hero can carry up to 6 artifacts. Some items may combine to create more powerful artifact (in most cases the recipe is required).

Any hero can buy most of the items, but not all of the items may be used to create artifact. Besides, heroes cannot use items bought by other heroes with some exceptions (for example, consumables). Items are sold at Main shops, Side Lane shops and Secret shops.

Main shops are located at the respawn point near the Fountain. Side Lane shops sell the same items as main shops do. They help heroes keep the lane for a longer time. Secret shop sells unique times, which are presented neither in Main shop nor in Side Lane shop. These items have special mark. Players can buy items at all shops (including shops at enemies’ base). Players can also use courier to send it to shop and buy all necessary items or artifacts.

Players should not forget to use quick buy panel. Draw the item to the panel to buy it. Quick buy panel has several useful options. When you draw an item to the panel, it automatically shows components of the item. Besides, when you have enough gold to buy some of the items, you hear sound of ringing coins and the item is lightened with golden frame. It makes easier for a player to control process of collection and buying items and consumables. It is better to buy components of the artifact, not the artifact itself. When hero dies, he loses some gold which he could use for buying required items.


Creeps are DotA creatures controlled by the computer. There are ally, enemy and neutral creeps in the game. Ally and enemy creeps (also known as lane creeps) respawn at 00:00 and start to move along the lanes to the bases of teams. Neutral creeps do not participate in battle and stand in the forest.

Ally creeps attack enemy and neutral creeps, heroes, and enemy building which they face while moving to the base. When the enemy barracks are destroyed, ally creeps on this lane are improved to super creeps or mega creeps (depending on the destroyed barracks). There are melee creeps, range creeps, and siege creeps in the game.

Melee creeps have increased health point rates, appear in bigger groups, but deal less damage. Range creeps deal more damage to other creeps, but less damage to heroes. Siege creeps deal greater damage to buildings, have increased health, and respawn with each 6-th creep wave.

Neutral creeps are strong and dangerous creatures which respawn in the forest. They are one more way to collect experience and gold. Some heroes and artifacts have skill to control neutral creeps and use them in combat against enemies. They spawn at 00:30 if there are no heroes or controlled units near their camp, and none of the heroes has Wards at the territory of respawn.

If neutral creeps are provoked by a hero or controlled units, creeps follow them for 7 seconds, and then return to their camp. Neutral creeps are classified as small, medium, large, and ancient. Roshan is also a neutral creep.

Techniques to control creeps

Last-hitting and denying

It is extremely important to last-hit and deny creeps in DotA game. Why should player last-hit his own creeps? The matter is that the last hit brings more experience and gold. That is why when you last hit ally creeps, enemy heroes cannot farm. Besides, in this way you also come closer to your tower. Just be attentive not to lose the towers when enemy heroes attack them. It is also important to kill enemy creeps before ally creeps kill them. When ally creeps last-hit enemy creeps, you get less gold. Enemies will not be able to deny your creeps. To attack ally creeps, click A button before hitting a creep.

Heroes get less experience and gold, if they farm creeps near each other. Experience is shared among heroes staying in 1200 range from the killed creep or enemy hero, and gold is shared among heroes staying in 1000 range from the killed unit. Supports who farm with Carries never last-hit creeps, leaving them for Carries, because they require farm to boost themselves.

Hero receives gold for killing enemy hero as well. Each ally hero who damaged killed enemy hero for the last 15 second before his death receives part of the reward. If hero last-hits enemy hero, he receives bonus experience and gold. If tower or creep last-hits enemy hero, gold is shared among all heroes who participated in combat. If only one hero deals damage to enemy hero before tower or creep last-hits, this hero gets all gold. If none of the heroes deals damage to killed hero, gold is shared among all ally heroes equally.

In some cases it is possible to deny even ally heroes. When you deny ally hero, enemy heroes get neither experience nor gold. It is possible to deny towers as well. Enemy team gets less gold when kills the denied tower.

As it was mentioned before, it is important not to push the lane too eagerly, to lead creeps closer to your tower or at the same distance from your tower and enemy tower. In this way the tower still protects you, and you may not be afraid of ganking. To achieve this, you need to last-hit enemy creeps and deny ally creeps to maintain game balance. Pull creeps to keep them near the tower. Always act according to current game situation. Push enemy creeps if they come to your tower too close and too often. If you stay too far from your tower, pull creeps, or deny more ally creeps. To get an access to the Side Lane shops, push your lane. A player can also deny creeps using the model of his hero staying on their way.

Pulling and Double-Spawning

Pulling of creeps has been mentioned above. This is a technique used by a hero to lead neutral creeps from their camp (respawn camp) to ally creeps lane. Pulling helps heroes avoid damage from neutral creeps and not to use abilities for farming creeps. When player pulls, he also prevents enemy heroes from pushing the lane or killing creeps. Pulling is the most effective when done after double-spawn.

Double spawn is the situation when two or more packs of creeps stay at neutral creeps camp. Pull creeps so that new creeps appear at the camp (respawn time is 1 minute). Respawn requirements for neutral creeps have been mentioned above. Double-spawning helps player increase number of creeps at certain camp, to kill them and gain more experience and gold for the shorter period of time at one place.

Double-spawning also requires much attention to timing. Group of neutral creeps can be pulled between 51 and 53 second. To pull the creeps, hero needs to provoke them (attack or come close to a group of creeps). When creeps follow the hero, he needs to pull them far away from the camp. Here is a trick: creeps need to be close to hero, otherwise they go back to the camp. If everything is done correctly, creeps are far away from the camp when respawn time comes and new creeps appear.

The range of camp is always different, so it is important to pull creeps as far as it is possible. If there are some units at the range of the camp when respawn times comes, creeps do not appear.








Instructions - Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a free-to-play computer collective card game based on the Warcraft university and produced by Blizzard Entertainment.

Each player chooses one of the Heroes presented in 9 different classes: Anduin Wrynn (Priest), Valeera Sanguinar (Rogue), Garrosh Hellscream (Warrior), Gul'dan (Warlock), Jaina Proudmoore (Mage), Malfurion Stormrage (Druid), Rexxar (Hunter), Thrall (Shaman), or Uther the Lightbringer (Paladin). The hero has a set of unique class cards and additional cards available for all heroes. The hero also has his own hero power available once per turn for 2 mana.

Each card costs some mana crystals necessary to activate it. Cost of activation is placed in the blue crystal at the top left corner of the map. At the beginning of the game each player has 0 mana crystals and receives 1 mana crystal at the beginning of each turn until the mana reaches 10. Players can use cards during their turn only.

The hero starts the game with 30 health points. The game is over when Hero has 0 or less health points. Hero cannot have more than 30 health points regardless the cards he has. At the beginning of the game a player has a deck of 30 cards. The hand consists of 10 cards maximum. If the number of cards is exceeded, each new card a player takes is discarded

If a player losses all 30 cards from the deck, hero receives one point of Fatigue each time a player needs to take a card from the deck. Even if a player has already a hand of 10 cards, but he requires one more card, and the deck is empty, hero still receives one point of Fatigue. The Fatigue effect is summed up. For example, a player does not have available cards at the beginning of the turn. A player tries to take the card, and receives one Fatigue point, which results in one damage point. The next time a player tries to take card, Fatigue rate increases, and a player receives 2 Fatigue points during this turn.

Each game starts with tossing a coin. The winner gets the right to make the first turn and takes 3 cards. He may replace up to 3 cards drawn at the first turn. Another player draws 4 cards, and he may replace up to 4 cards at this turn. The replaced card returns to the deck of cards. The player who loses gets The Coin card used to receive one additional mana crystal per turn. When both players are ready with their starting hands, the game itself starts. Each turn lasts for 90 seconds and 15 seconds of countdown.

The winner of tossing coin competition gets one mana crystal and draws one more card. He plays his cards. When the cards have been played and a player completes all the actions (minion or hero attacks), the turn is over. The loser of tossing coin competition performs his turn, receives one mana crystal and draws one more card. When he has completed his turn, the turn goes to the first player. The game lasts until heath points of one of the heroes are 0 or lower.

Hero Power

Each hero has his hero power available one time per turn, and costs 2 mana crystals. The hero power can be applied either for enemy or ally unit, if the other description is not provided. For example, Rexxar’s hero power can be applied for the enemy hero only.

Anduin Wrynn (Priest) – restores 2 health points of the minion or hero

Valeera Sanguinar (Rogue) – equips target with ½ dagger

Garrosh Hellscream (Warrior) – adds 2 armor points

Gul'dan (Warlock) – losses 2 health points and draws a card

Jaina Proudmoore (Mage) – 1 damage point

Malfurion Stormrage (Druid) – adds 1 attack point and 1 armor point for the turn. Attack is limited by the time, armor does not disappear until is used

Rexxar (Hunter) – damages enemy hero with 2 points

Thrall (Shaman) – summons random totem (Healing Totem, Searing Totem, Wrath of Air Totem, or Stoneclaw Totem). Summoned totem is always random, and is never identical to the totems that have been already used in the game. Shamans never control the place where totem appears. The totems usually appear to the right from the rightest ally unit.

 Uther the Lightbringer (Paladin) summons 1/1 Silver hand recruit. Paladins do not control the place where recruit appears. The recruits usually appear to the right from the rightest ally unit.


Rarity of cards

Basic (no crystal)

Common (white crystal)

Rare (blue crystal)

Epic (purple crystal)

Legendary (orange crystal)


The deck of 30 cards may contain two copies of any card, but only one Legendary card of each type.


The most common effects

Armor – devours all the damages, until it reaches 0. The devoured mage includes Fatigue effect damages.

Attack – usage of minion or hero to attack enemy minion or hero. Uses weapon attack if hero combats, or minion attack which rate is stated at the low left corner of the map. Hero power, text card effects and spells are not considered as attacks even if they deal damage to the target.

Battlecry is activated when the card is drawn from the hand and before other effects are activated (including enemy’s effects). Battlecry does not affect minions summoned not by the playing card from the hand.

Charge – minions can attack at the turn they have been summoned.

Choose one – a player chooses between two effects. Time and conditions of activation make Choose one effect a Battlecry type of effect.

Combo is activated when the card with this ability appears after any other card has been played during the turn. Available only for Hunter heroes .

Deathrattle is activated when the minion dies. Owner of dead minion receives the effect of Deathrattle.

Divine Shield devours damage received by a minion with Divine Shield effect. Divine Shield disappeared after the first triggering. Divine Shield does not devour effects of the card which destroy minions (technically, the effect is not the damage, but disappearing)

Triggered effects – activated at the start or the end of turn. If there are several effects of this type at the battlefield, they are activated according to the time there were played.

Enrage – is activated when the health point are not full. When the HP restores to maximum, the effect disappears. If a creature receives damage and loses health points again, the effect re-activates. Enrage effects are not summed up.

Freeze – a target is frozen for the current and the next one turn. The effect is lost at the end of the enemy’s turn. A hero can be frozen. Target can use text effect, and frozen hero still can use Hero Power. To remove the effect, use Silence ability on the target.

Restore health – restores health points of a target up to maximum. Power of spell does not influence the effect. If the target has maximum HP, the effect won’t work.

Overload – a player who uses this card has less mana points during the next turn. Overload is not available if the card is activated with the text effect of another card or non-direct playing card activation. Available for Shaman heroes only.

Return – a minion returns to the hand and loses all applied effects or damage. Can be compared with playing a new minion from the hand.

Secret – an effect activated under certain conditions. A player has only one active secret effect of each type, but the effects can be activated simultaneously. Several effects activate in the course of they were played from the deck. To activate all secret effects, the conditions for activation of each effect must occur. Secrets are considered to be spells at the moment of playing, but they are not spells when they are activated.

Silence – removes all text effects and non-aura effects from the target.

Spell Damage – card increases spell damage by X. Spell damage increases basic damage rate for all spells played by a player. Spell Damage also increases damage of secret effects. Spell Damage does not affect healing spells.

Stealth – a minion cannot be selected as a target for the enemy hero, his minions, or spells, but remains a target for area of effect spells and randomly received damage.  Can be a target for the allies. Stealth effect is removed when minion deals damage, including texting effects of the map.

Summon – summons a minion to the battlefield. It does not replace minion, but summons a new minion with the identical features of the target. Summoned minion appears to the right from other units.

Taunt – makes a minion the #1 target to attack for enemy minions and hero.

Transform – transforms a minion into another minion with features stated in text effects of the map. A target loses all applied text effects, including Divine Shield, Taunt, Stealth, etc.

Windfury – a target achieves the possibility to attack 2 times per turn.

 +X/+Y – increased/decreases attack and health of a target (X – attack, Y – health)

Inspire – hero power triggers the effect

Battlecry: discover – choose one of three offered cards.


Game modes

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has 5 basic modes of the game: Adventure, Tavern Brawl, Play, Arena, and Duel.

  • In this game mode players compete against AI. Here players can learn game basics, play against enemies who use basic cards, or against players who use expert cards. Before the game starts, players choose hero of their enemy. In Adventure mode players can also play Naxxramas, Black Mountain, and League of Explorers modes, competing with bosses to receive new cards.
  • Play. In this mode players compete against real opponents, using previously compiled or starting decks. Players receive certain rank when the game is finished. This rank shows player’s skill in the game. The opponents are always selected according to their ranks. Rank increases when a player receives 3 stars of ranks (3 stars are necessary for the starting ranks, and then the number of stars increases). To get stars player needs to win the game against random opponent. Several winnings in a row bring additional stars for ranking. Stars are not added by series of winnings for the 5 – 1 rank. There are 25 ranks: starting from The Angry Chicken and up to Innkeeper with additional Legend rank. The higher rank a player has, the higher rank his opponents have.
  • Arena. A rank type game. To play Arena mode a player needs to pay gold or real money. A player chooses one of three randomly selected heroes. After that, a player chooses cards in the same manner. A player chooses one of three cards with equal rarity until he gets 30 cards for his deck. Deck may contain unlimited number of identical cards. When the hero and the cards are chosen, the game starts. A player may lose up to 3 times, and win up to 12 times. When the maximum of wins or defeats is reached, the arena mode is over and a player receives his rewards. The rewards depend on the winnings. Players may be rewarded with gold, cards or arcane dust. Regardless the result of the arena, a player receives one booster.
  • Duel. In this mode a player can compete against players in his friend list. The reward in this game mode is hero experience.
  • Tavern Brawl. A unique mode of the Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft A player receives special deck of card, created by the developers, or make up his own deck according to the game rules. Heroes are also special in this game mode. The rules of Tavern Brawl change each week.
Instructions - Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is MOBA (multiplayer online battle area) game, developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game was released June, 12, 2015 for Microsoft Windows and OS X.

Main objective

The main objective of Heroes of the Storm game is defeating enemies’ base. The game starts with choosing one of the heroes, well-known from other Blizzard universes. The game lasts until one of two teams defeats another. The way to success lies in the leveling-up, correct choice of skills, demolition of the buildings, and killing enemy minions and heroes. Though the objective may seem quite easy to complete, game mechanics and different game match situations make it extremely challenging.

Each team has a base with Core in the center. Core attacks creeps until enemy hero damages your ally within range of the fort. Core decreases movement and attack speed of the target. Core has unlimited ammo, HP rate, and shield. If Core is destroyed, the team losses. The Core is surrounded by different buildings with similar defending skills. All buildings may receive spell damage unless the opposite description of the building is stated.

Base has different types of important buildings. The fort itself serves to stop creeps and enemy heroes from free penetration into the base.

The fort is located in the center of the base. It uses ammo to attack enemies (40 in total). The ammo replenishes each 10 seconds. The fort is surrounded by towers, each having 20 ammos. The priority of attacks is identical to the fort’s. Defense buildings located close to the fort deal more damage.

Two towers, two walls and gates are located in front of each fort. Gates and walls are the barrier. In order to pass through it, enemy must destroy it, although sometimes it is possible to pass through it using special abilities. For the owners of the fort walls and gates are not the barrier.

Healing Fountain is located beyond the fort. Right mouse button click activates the Fountain. Healing Fountain regains mana and health points.

You need to control your hero during the game. The hero levels up, and you need to choose abilities that you like most. Gained experience and level, is divided among all players of the team. It means, if the enemy has been killed near one of your allies, each team member gains experience. Leveling up, hero upgrades his abilities and statistics, and becomes stronger. There are different types of stats, which change with level-ups: attack, damage, attack speed, health, mana, and regeneration. As each team member is responsible for level-up, a player needs to exert every effort on his line to gain more experience.

Each hero has his role: warrior, assassin, support, and specialist. Warrior is always in the center of the battle, his abilities and talents are based on surviving. Assassin is fast and it is difficult to notice him among the enemies, though his damage rate is the highest. Support hero helps the team and interferes enemies. Specialists have their unique roles. They are important for every team, and each of them has his own responsibilities.

All heroes have certain abilities, which help them perform their roles in the team. Each hero has mount, disappearing when hero receives damage, or performs some action except for the movement. Heroes also have talents, usually passive skills, which unite all abilities of the hero. To determine style of the game, a player chooses one of three active talents of the hero. Reaching 10-th level, a hero gains hero talent. This is the most powerful hero skill. All skills have mana cost for using, cooldown and other aspects. All the heroes have special ability – Hearthstone, which teleports hero to the base in 5 seconds after casting the spell.

The best way to gain more experience is to kill more enemies. The enemies also collect experience by killing members of another team. The higher level of the killed hero, the more experience another team receives. A player should die less, but be aggressive enough to attack enemies and gain experience. Regeneration globes help heroes to fight against enemies. When a hero takes the regeneration globe, allies receive heath and mana regeneration bonus for the short period of time.

Heroes of the Storm have several maps for playing. All maps have certain common traces. Each team has base with different buildings. The bases are connected with roads called lanes. Creeps are walking along each of the lane to attack the building. There are mercenary camps and watchtowers in the jungle between lanes. Each map has its own differences and peculiarities, and it makes game even more interesting.

Instructions - Leagues of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games in the eSports industry right now. MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena - League of Legends is inspired by the MOBA, DotA and later became its primary rival in the business. League of Legends has over a 100 million players worldwide under its belt – and it’s still expected to rise in the following years.

Like most MOBAs, A player commands a character that’s called a “champion”. Players are also most commonly referred to as Summoners. Summoners then battle it out in an arena, with an objective to level up with an experience system from Level 1 that caps up to Level 18 and buy items to one’s advantage with a Gold currency that champions could use to pick up helpful items along the way.

With that said, the main goal to win is to destroy your opponents Nexus, the most important structure in the game, that, as destroyed, will end the game and reward the victory to whoever destroyed their opponent’s Nexus first.

Freshly-created accounts will be set for a tutorial and mandatory AI (Artificial Intelligence) matches, or most commonly known as Bot Matches, in order for newbies to get a grasp on how to play the game. Normal Queue games will be unlocked once a player’s account reaches Level 5. With the mandatory games, come fixed set of Champions that’ll be free for the moment, to be used by new players until they unlock the Free Champion Rotation at Level 6 of their accounts.

Accounts also have a leveling system that caps at Level 30. Over time and level, more things become available and players get to learn and experience the game, 

League of Legends also has many champions, although, a new player will not be able to unlock it at first. Champions are bought by the use of Influence Points (IP) and Riot Points (RP), both of which are the in-game currency that is to be used in the League of Legends Client Store. But as aforementioned, the Free Champion Rotation is always available for the needy and it always changes the offered champions every week, so players who don’t have that many champions to play with have a chance to play other Champions if available. However, players could always save up Influence Points to but their desired champions, given that they meet the Champion’s IP price.

Influence Points is gained by playing games and it can be used for most simple of tasks in League, like buying Champions, Runes, Occasional Summoner Icons, etc. On the other hand, Riot Points can only be obtained by real-life purchase/top-up. This unlocks every item in the League of Legends Store and can also be used to by Skins, the in-game purchased aesthetic accessory made exclusively for Champions.

Champion Roles

Champions all have different roles. All Champions also have two roles associates with it. Most specifically, they’re called Primary and Secondary roles. Roles are given to every champion best suit their skillsets and overall play. Summoners may then choose their lane of their choice (Top, Jungle, Mid, Bot). However, League of Legends does have a meta for laning and champion distribution that most new players could follow. Champion Roles are the following;

Assassin - Assassins are Champions that deal a lot of damage in a short span of time. They easily take out other champions because of their high-damage output. They are also usually escape artists with skills that let them escape easily.

Fighter - Fighters are Champions that rely on close combat to damage enemies. They usually have high damage outputs but some fighters have a somewhat low sturdiness unless their secondary role is Tank or they’re built with armor items.

Mage - Mages are Champions that rely on spells to produce damage. They are almost always skill-oriented and have to carry the game because of their damage capacity. More often than not, they are extremely dependent on the Mana, Energy, etc. resources to produce skills.

Marksman - Marksmen are the Champions who rely on damaging long-range basic attacks and/or skills that have dependency on skill shots or targets. Marksmen are almost always fragile and must place themselves well in a fight and be protected for them to fully relay their damage.

Tank - Tanks are the sturdy Champions that can take a lot of damage from enemies. Their main purpose is to literally "tank" the enemies so that the other Champions may be able to damage enemies freely.

Support- Supports are champions who are fully dedicated to helping their team out. Their primary role in the game, more often than not, is to heal allies, ward the terrain, disable enemies, etc.

Runes & Masteries

Runes and Masteries are some of the ways that give players an advantage in-game. Runes are bought with IP and are placed into one’s Rune Page. It boosts a player’s base stats, depending on what rune a Summoner bought and placed into the Rune Page. Players may opt to build Attack Damage, Ability Power, Armor, etc. It could all be bought in the League of Legends Client Store and done once player out the runes in a Rune Page and opt for the said Rune Page in the Champion Select phase.

Rune Pages are given by default when creating an account. Every starting account gets two Rune Pages for players to put their bought Runes in. However, with the option to buy Runes in the Client Store, players may also buy another Rune Page or Pages by the bundle for more Rune Pages to use and more combinations of Runes to use to one’s advantage.

Masteries are almost of the same thing. They’re designed to give an edge to players and up their stats of champions. Every account is entitled to have a maximum of 20 Mastery pages and a player gets to choose the combination of every page he creates. Leveling up entitles a player to get a Mastery point to level up their Mastery pages. Masteries are also completely free-of-charge.

 At Level 30, they can fully upgrade their Mastery pages as they have all 30 Mastery points. Masteries are made up of three sub-pages tow which players could invest their points in: Strength, Defense and Utility. Given enough investment in a sub-page, a player could opt for a Keystone Mastery of their choosing.

Keystone Masteries are masteries that is considered one of the most helpful masteries in-game. They help out Champions in a huge way when used in the battlefield if used correctly and viably. They can be obtained at Level 18 and is only available if one chooses to invest 18 points in one of the pages.

Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are two extra spells that’s an option for players to use in-game. At first, every spell isn’t available yet to low-level accounts. But as you level to Level 10, you’d be able to use every spell in-game. In the Champion Select phase, one may choose their two Summoner Spells to use in-game. These spells are used to the advantage of champions, but it’s used solely at the discretion of the Summoner. 

Objectives (Neutral Camps)

Since League of Legends will cover almost all of the basics once you start and anyone could necessarily get the hang of the game immediately, it's just really important that we cover the parts of the game that they don't teach. Objectives are extremely vital to a team's success. They either would mean victory for a team or defeat, whichever shifts to one's favor. We'll tackle the 2 important camps you must secure as objectives – besides the objective of pushing turrets.

Dragon - Dragon is the second most powerful neutral monster on Summoner's Rift in League of Legends. The Dragon is placed on the lower-right middle large camp adjacent to the river and Lower Rift Scuttler. Killing the Dragon, whichever was spawned in those times, will give the slayer and his teammates a buff worthy of its prize. That is, of course, depending on which type of Dragon a team has slain:

Cloud Dragon – Slaying the Cloud dragon will entitle you to the abilities it has to offer to the team who slays it. "Stratus Walk": obtaining this gives 15/30/45 bonus movement speed while out of combat to all team members. This effect has a chance of stacking and the bonus would be based on stacks, the highest of which would be 3. Having slain the Elder Dragon would up the potency of this by 50%.

Infernal Dragon – Slaying the Infernal Dragon will entitle you to the abilities it has to offer to the team who slays it.  "Infernal Tribute": obtaining this gives 8/16/24% empowered attack damage and ability power. This effect would also be based on stacks, the highest of which would be 3. Having slain the Elder Dragon would up the potency of this by 50%

Mountain Dragon – Slaying the Ocean Dragon will entitle you to the abilities it has to offer to the team who slays it. "Earthen Arms": obtaining this gives 10/20/30% additional damage as true damage to Epic Monsters and turrets. This effect would also be based on its stacks, the highest of which would be 3. Having slain the Elder Dragon would up the potency of this by 50%

Ocean Dragon - Slaying the Ocean Dragon will entitle you to the abilities it has to offer to the team who slays it. "Heart of Oceans”: obtaining this restores 4/8/12% of missing health and missing Mana over 5 seconds for every 8 seconds while out of combat. This effect would also be based on stacks, the highest of which would be 3. Having slain the Elder Dragon would up the potency of this by 50%.

Elder Dragon – The Elder Dragon is the toughest Dragon there is that spawns 35 minutes into a game. The Elder Dragon has a wonderful bounty to the team that slays it, with a long-lasting true damage buff/modifier on every skills and basic attacks against Champions, Minions and Neutral Monsters over 3 seconds. As aforementioned, all Dragon buffs obtained beforehand by the killer’s team will have an increased effect of double its potency.

Baron Nashor - Baron Nashor is the most powerful Neutral Monster in League of Legends. It's also one of the most important objectives, especially late game. The team to have slain Baron Nashor would reward Hand of Baron to all those still alive at the time of Baron being slain (dead teammates aren’t awarded the buff). Hand of Baron gives bonus attack damage and ability power, as well as an aura that greatly increases the power of minions in the vicinity of a champion and an ultiimately-empowered Recall.

When Baron is slain, each champion on the killer's team is also granted 600 experience, dead or alive, to each team member; 800 experience to every champion in the Baron Pit (shared between nearby allies) and 300 gold to each champion of the slayer’s team plus 25 more gold to the slayer himself.

Player Lane Roles – This is one of the most important things that every player must know before taking League of Legends seriously. Players may choose their own lane to which they could dominate or feel comfortable in. Once you’re new, try and figure out before you’re Lvl 10 what lane you actually want play in. That said, here are the Player roles that follow the League meta.

  • Top-lane
  • Jungler
  • Mid-lane
  • AD Carry
  • Support
Ranked Games

Once a player reaches Level 30 in their accounts, they are given the option to play Ranked Games, the pinnacle of competitive matches in-game. For first time Ranked players, they shall be placed in Provisional Games of 10 that’ll determine their starting Division and where they should be placed depending on their performances in the Provisionals.

This could brand players in a Division, which places a player in a League that’s suited to their skills. There are currently 7 divisions in League of Legends (from Lowest to Highest Ranked): Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger. But first time players needn’t worry about that for now, they should worry more about honing their skills for them to set a goal on which division they think they could take.

Pro Tip: Once you feel comfortable in a lane, try and play in that lane every chance you can in order to improve in League of Legends. Good luck on the battlefield, Summoner! But of course, don’t forget to have fun too. That’s also one of the main objectives of the game, after all.

League of Legends Betting Guide

LoL takes a significant place in esports activity. It still is the most popular arena for multiplayer battles, and attracts international community of players, holding competitions with huge money pools. This game presents tvt mode, allowing each member control a character, developing its abilities, and completing game objective. All team members share the same goal – to destroy enemy team’s base called Nexus.

LoL can also been played in pvp mode.

Main regions of LoL popularity are Northern America and Europe. However, Asia and Europe also become the target market for the game.

Game basics

League of Legends, inspired by DotA 2, has recently became #1 arena presented at egame championships and events. It has easier rules and gameplay than DotA 2, and inexperienced players can start to play it easily (mainly, because there are not such many different characters with various skills). To become a successful LoL gambler, learn all game standard and to be well-aware of champion’s skills and abilities. The same is required for success in League of Legends world championship betting.

Like DotA 2 game, LoL also has professional teams who compete in international competitions, and are famous in gaming circles.

Today the number of LoL players has exceeded 70 million players monthly. Due to free access to the services, players have a possibility to try out all game functions and become involved in game competitions. However, this game also has some chargeable content (some of game purchases can be made only for real money). These chargeable content is the main revenue source for LoL game.

Today LoL game has three actual modes (the Crystal Scar mode has been removed recently). First step is to select a player. A summoner (player) selects a champion (hero) to control him. Each hero has its own skills and abilities, and a player needs to control it effectively and know its abilities in different game situations.

Types of Bets

With raising number of LoL contest, the number of bettors is also rising. There are various platforms which provide possibility to place bets. League of Legends betting system is quite various, and this gives more opportunities for participants. 

LoL allows to gamble on match outcome. Unlike other esport competitions, this game does not offer draw bets (they are generally placed to minimize the odds).

To make betting on League of Legends process clear, let us analyze situation on the market. Two teams participate in match. They have the same level of playing, though team A has huge experience in international championship and competitive gaming. Team A has 1.8 odds, but Team B which has less experience in worldwide championships has 1.91 odds. Odds for other teams which had competitions at the same day were even lower – Team C received 1.04 odds.

The winnings regularly depend on the pool of tournament you participate into. For example, bets on single events never bring huge winnings, while when you gamble on whole series of events outcome, you get the chance to hit rather impressive reward. Bigger LoL events offer wider variety of bets. Some bookmakers allow to place additional bets on the result of certain team (team score, or how far this team advances in an event). Everything depends upon League of Legends betting site you choose.

Additional bets regularly have shorter odds, than the main stake on a winner. However, it can be a good chance to win cash.

Bets and Strategies

To make profits in LoL betting, a bettor needs to be competent in game rules and understand some of the expected values of bets. Understanding of League of Legends bet strategies and probabilities gives advantage to the gambler, so that he can choose not only the most promising team, but also the best competition with odds favoring a bettor. There are some manuals and tutorials on successful gambling in sports, and some advices can be used for esports. Those multimethodical books with strategies of managing your bank can be pretty useful both for new gamblers, and for experienced real money gamblers.

The important thing to remember about betting League of Legends principles, is handicapping. In classic sports event handicapping is used in the games where skill of individuals is important (for example, baseball), while it almost never is used in games where team skill has bigger importance. LoL championships are based on team contests, so handicapping is not used here. It creates better space for the bettors: while game results are unpredictable for the bookmakers, any bettor can win his bet especially when the match results can easily be guessed.

LoL gambling process requires preparation and some investigations to become a rewarding deal. First, check teams’ histories of playing. If a team has shown good results, has low rate of defeats, or some rewards for participation in championships, it has better chances to succeed in a match. Besides, if both teams have almost equal statistics, you need to be precise with your investigation. A good decision is to check history of their matches. If team A has always defeated team B, the odds speak that this time team A wins again. However, comparing of game winning and defeating rate is not the best strategy for a professional esports gambler.

Professional esports betting League of Legends strategy includes investigation style of teams, style of certain members, their preferences in choice of champions, etc. If you have been playing LoL for some time, you are probably able to determine some strategies of the teams. Watch as much matches as possible, check teams’ streams to understand how they are acting in different situation, and discover odds they have in any competitions.

Another thing you need to check is the style the team chooses to play. In fact, we can differentiate two basic LoL playing styles – aggressive and solid. Some players believe that aggressive players always win in LoL competitions. In fact, aggressive playing is good  against another team with aggressive style, but can cause defeated when played against teams which prefer methodical and solid style. Remember about that while creating your own strategy to bet League of Legends.

However, always check team history and rewards, the style of playing can never tell you actual skill of the team, unless you check their achievements.

Biggest events

LoL has several serious competitions including annual and regular seasonal events. LoL World Championship is help in October each year. It gathers teams and participant, and they dream to win the gran prix with $1 million reward. In 2015 South Korean teams became semi-finalists of the event. South Korean players have dominated in the LoL World Championship since 2013, the third season of this competition. All these events are available to bet on esports League of Legends.

Except for the money prizes (for 16 teams), the champion also receives Summoner’s Cup.

In 2016, LoL Wolrd Championship is hold in LA, USA. According competition rules, any team can participate in race. A team needs to apply in advance, and except for the experience necessary to pass through the event round, a team also needs to have a mentor.

Other famous LoL tournaments are include LCK, NA Challenger, EU Challenger, All-Star Event, regular seasons, ULOL Campus series.

Maths and Statistics in E-sports Betting

Mathematics and odds are two important components for successful gambling. They are equally important as betting tips and tricks known only by experts. A professional bettor never relies upon his luck only, however, sometimes intuition helps make decisions which lead to winnings. Involving mathematics into a game, a gambler creates a good basis for long-run income.

Comprehension of individual statistics can change everything. Here we explain these two methods.

How to use maths

Gambling is totally based on betting math. While studying classic casino games you notice that as well as while analyzing sports bets. Mathematics helps in counting chances, and chances are actually the thing which determines the winnings. Look at the following example: a match between two teams which have equal chances for winning.

Before game start, the bookmakers establish odds for the event. In our case, teams with identical chances should have 2.00 chances or 50/50. These chances do not favor the bookmaker (bookmaker loses money when settles absolutely fair chances). Because of that, they are reduced to 1.90 or lower. This difference is not essential for a gambler, but it brings quite good profit for a bookmaker. Even 100 bets with 2.00 can lead to great losses for the bookmaker.

There is a formula which can explain you how the chances and math are working in gambling. To count the rate of your success, know valued chances (they are provided by a bookmaker) and the profit you receive if the match favors you stake. The formula for counting the success rate for a player is Y = X*Z. X stands for X, Z is for success, Y is a profit. If the profit rate is higher than 1, the success is by your side. Otherwise, you can lose this stake.

You can count your success rate in each match, however, sometimes the luck plays its role and even the most unpredictable bets win.

Statistics in the game

Mathematics is important, but game style researches can be even more useful for a player. The matter is that chances are counted by bookmakers who are live people, and the so called human factor sometimes takes place. It means that real chances can be different from the presented odds. Take some time to research info which explains your chances better than mathematics presented by a bookmaker.

The example for this situation is as following: two team, both have good performance in tournaments, and the bookmakers have valued chances as 1.83 (which actually means 2.00 or 50/50). Here the time for researches comes, but be wise not to lose the bet. You can get data either with checking data presented by bookmakers and analysts, or making your own research. Both ways are helping, but the second one is more effective (if you are experienced in playing certain game).

When you check data presented by bookmakers, you receive only dry facts and can hardly imagine how the team really plays. For example, these data never indicates team’s style. If there are two teams with different playing styles, aggressive and defensive ones, the actual chances can differ a lot from the real ones. As a rule, aggressive play is better when knowledge and game skill of both teams are equal. So in this way the rule of 50/50 chances is not effective – the aggressive team is going to beat a defensive team.

Understand that bookmakers do not compile data using human resources, as it takes too much time. They use special applications which analyze achievements of the team and never pay attention to players’ conducts and strategies which team implements in different game situations.

Math vs Statistics or Human Factor in Games

Equations are good, but in real world they are sometimes useless. Playing against bots, you can easily win, as they have very limited logic and act according to the settled indications. The more your play against bots, the more you understand how they act in some situations. But playing with real people is even more unpredictable than playing roulette or slot machines at online casino.

People always act differently. Even if you observe one and the same team, you notice that each time they act differently in common situations. The matter is the playing esports is not a mechanic process, it requires strategy and analysis of each movement. Besides, in esports Internet connection, soft and hardware are extremely important. Such small details as new mouse or keyboard can influence how player acts. And the point is that you never guess what is going on behind the screens. You don’t know how players feel, and even who exactly is at the keyboard now. It makes each contest unpredictable and leaves good chances for luck.

In esports, as well as in sports, outsiders sometimes win, and leaders lose everything. A fate, or a mistake, or something might happen, but the result remains the same – human factor works better than any data or mathematics. Unfortunately, you cannot predict that, and you should not rely upon it. 

This fact supports the idea that a gambler needs to combine several approaches and works upon raising of the winnings in a long-run game. Estimate chances, make analysis of the participants, check the data, choose the most effective esports betting strategy, and succeed in gambling.

Promotions, Offers and Bonuses

The competition among the sportsbook websites constantly rises. All of them offer equal conditions for betting and all of them use additional means to attract more customers and make their members play more. Bonuses and promotions are the best encouraging method which works perfectly for the income of a sportsbook website and for the bettors.

Bonuses have not always existed in gambling. They appeared in online casinos when the quantity of online gambling houses started to rise and the necessity to stand out among the competitors has appeared. The same is with sportbooks now.

Different website offer different sets of bonuses, and a responsible player always puts much effort to find the site with the most lucrative promotions. Some of the players use guides which accumulate offers from different websites. Mostly, players prefer visit different bookmakers to see how much they can get without some additional efforts or money investments.

There exist several types of bonuses offered at sportsbook website.

Bonus for deposit

This is a bonus, regularly offered at sportsbook website. This is some percentage of money (also called a match) that a gambler receives additionally to his deposit. This type of bonus is usually limited, so it is important to check those limits before you claim the bonus. Another thing that you are to check is actual size of the bonus you receive. Let us analyze two situations, each of which deals with claiming of a bonus.

Situation #1. A gambler may receive $200 match for any deposit higher than $1000. It may sound pretty lucrative offer, but when you look closer you see that this is only 20% from the deposit. And if you make $2000 deposit, $200 of bonus is only 10%.

Situation #2. Sportsbook website promises 100% bonus for any deposit higher than $1000. The limit of the bonus is $30.000. It means that a gambler who makes $1500 deposit gets $3000 on his account. However, a bonuse will not be available for a deposit of $800.

As you can understand, the second bonus is far better, although the first one seems quite rewarding from the first sight.

 Bonus on a first bet

This type of bonuses encourages you not only to make a first deposit, but also first real money bet. The bonus is paid according to the same principles as match bonus (bonus for deposit), but with a slight difference – the size of bonus depends on the bet you make. Bookmakers call the first bet made by a registered member a qualifying bet, and frequently offer some additional payments for making it. In some sportsbook website the following scheme of paying first bet bonuses is presented. A website offers you to make 3 qualifying bets of equal size and pay only for one of them. For example, you make three bets each $50, which equals $150, but you pay only $50.

Money back bet bonus

This is a bonus with the common mechanics with bonus on the first bet with some differences. Money back bonus allows to make one absolutely free qualifying bet. As a rule, some sportsbook website have limits for this bonus: e.g., the chances should be of the precise size (as a rule, 2.00). The matter is that sportsbookers want to prevent a situation when a player wins thousands of dollars with the smallest bet at the expenses of betting house.

The important point of this bonus is that it has some wagering requirements. So if you win money, you cannot withdraw it until you fulfill all the settled requirements.

Weekly bet bonuses

Free bets help players gamble without any danger to go bankrupt. Online bookmakers have understood the free bets attract players even more, than match bonuses. It became a basis for a type of bonuses based on the refund of played money (also known as a cashback). For example, the difference between players deposits and loses in a certain reference period is $100. He receives free bet bonus for $10 (10% of cashback).

Loyalty and VIP programs

Everyone wants to feel special attitude at the place where he plays. Traditional sportbooks made a first step to detach loyal players and created so-called VIP clubs. Online bookmakers made even more: they added loyal programs for all casino members, even for those one who do not make huge deposits and huge bets. They have created equal attitude to each customer, which has led to the increased loyalty to bookmakers. They create loyalty clubs where players collect loyalty points and can exchange them into some bonuses, convent into cash or collect to reach a new level.

Acca refunds or special bonuses for accumulator bets

In the section of bets we have talked about special accumulator bets. These bets have a unique feature: a player receives the reward if only a succession of bets favors him. These bets have the highest payments, as the chances that a player wins several bets in a row are quite low. To make these bets more attractive for a player, bookmakers offer so called Acca (from ‘accumulator’) refund bets.

This is an encouragement for the players who still hesitate to place bets of such type and rather attractive bonus for those who risk with accumulator bet all the time. For instance, a player makes accumulator bet on 5 matches. He wins 4 of them and loses at 5-th. Not to lose money a player bets, a casino offers a small refund (the size regularly is settled by the casino itself).

Surely, if a player eagers to win $1,000 placing just $2 and loses, $5 will never cheer him up. But they will help him make one more try and perhaps win a desired prize.

Psychological Issues in Betting

Why do people gamble? Psychologists know the answer. Thousands of researches have been made to understand what makes people play for money and why addiction to gambling appeared. These researches are widely used by bookmakers as they always want to know how to influence their clients and how to attract more visitors.

Everything is in our brains

The studies have shown that our brains have a special reward circuit. This is a center of all pleasures we have in our lives – gambling, food, some drugs, music, and sex. Reward circuit releases dopamine (hormone of happiness). Permanent triggering of this release makes some people addicted to the trigger. An interesting fact: different triggers affect differently on each person. For some people food is the strongest trigger, for other people this is gambling.

Operators and game developers know how reward circuit works and make everything possible to make people come back for a portion of dopamine. Quite common situation in games is to make player complete some tasks to receive the reward, which is in fact useless in real life. When the task is completed, a person feels happy. He comes back more and more to feel more happiness. Then a developer adds some new chargeable features. And a player wants to try them because his brain is telling him: I want another portion of dopamine!

The same idea works in sports betting psychology: to make people feel happy that they make bets for real money. Each time a player spends money on bets, he feels happy. Sometimes it is physically impossible to stop it – the brain thinks that it will lose any source of dopamine. Find some more ways to feel happy. Regular workouts is a good activity that makes our body exude dopamine without any risk.

Are you positive about gambling?

Gambling addiction is another part of studies for psychologists. They have noticed that addicted players are: those who always feel optimistic about their games (oh gosh, I’m going to win today!) and those who never believe in success (I will never win, but I can make a try). A gambler without addiction feels more like “this bet may bring me a reward and it may not, let’s try and see”.

Healthy attitude leads to success. Betting psychology studies show that it helps avoid unpleasant situations when you expect more from the game, and receive nothing, and not to feel desperate each time you place a bet.

Another key point in healthy attitude to gambling is not to take gambling very seriously. First of all, it is an entertainment activity. Everything else is not so important.

How do gamblers become addicted?

 Why gamblers addict to bets? The answer lies in our brains, in that reward circuit we have talked about before. Unhappy people become addicted more frequently than people who have some other sources of happiness in their lives. Betting tips encourage players and make you play more. And no one can resist.

Addicted gamblers suffer from their problem. They cannot quit, they lose all money they have, looking for the most paying odds spending hours and days online. They do not feel safe when they do not make bets. Each time they feel disappointment they go to bookmaker to place a couple of bets. Each time they feel happy they go to bookmaker to become even happier.

Unfortunately, addicted players are the key source of money for bookmakers. They want people come back to wager more and they keep them close offering new promotions and promising bigger rewards. They do make efforts in understanding gambling addiction, they just keep attracting the players.

Some governments try to protect people from this addiction but they do it in ineffective way. They just prohibit gambling. Illegal gambling rooms exists in every country and anyone can just come and play there. Moreover, esports bets and professional sports betting are legal in most of the countries as they are not considered a pure form of gambling.

There are many countries where an addicted gambler cannot receive a proper help especially free and anonymous.

I almost won! Or why people continue to play

A classic situation in online casinos and sportsbookers is when a near miss happens. This is a situation when a player places a bet on the event and almost wins it, or when a player does not win a jackpot because one symbol was off the necessary combo. He understand that he was only step aside from a huge winning, and he plays more and more to make that near miss situation into a winning.

This is a psychological thing, which has huge impact upon people. A gambler knows from his own experience that the winning is possible, betting techniques tell that win is close, and he misses only some small detail to win. Some eager gamblers become so inspired of this situation that they miss money while overcoming their results.

If you wonder how to stop gambling addiction, start to control yourself and visit our Responsible gambling page where we cover everything about ludomania.

I am what I believe

Internet is full of different rumors. Some bookmakers have mistaken in their odds, and you can win a fortune playing with them! Do you believe that? Visit that website to check this message. Everybody wants to win more, and bookmakers’ fallacies can make you a millionaire.

There are gamblers who believe in different prejudices and popularize them among the players like some betting tricks that can be useful for gamblers. It may sound funny but check yourself – you probably also have some biases.

People tend to believe other people. You’d better avoid this all-in-all belief. You need to be attentive with everyone who gives you advices.


Ways to Succeed in E-sports Betting

Every gambler wants to know some magic trick to make profits each time he places a stake. There is nothing extraordinary or magical in gambling. You just choose an event, count your odds and expect for the result. However, the result sometimes is a miracle, especially when you bet on outsider and he becomes a match winner. Is it possible to make profits in each game session?

An addiction or job?

Players who win each stake is a fantasy that lives in minds of gamblers. There are no such lucky people, and even professionals lose. Moreover, as a rule, professionals win even more than amateur players as they always gamble for big money. These huge bets though allow them to earn money and they also use some working betting techniques.

Someone believes that gambling helps earn money for living. Consider some facts which refuse this idea: gambling demands huge investments of time, money and mental resources, deep awareness of esport world to become a winner, but it brings the highest profits in a long run only. Are you ready to make gambling you job? Get ready to hard work.

Whether gambling can become a full-fledged substitution for job? Our answer would depend on your other incomes. For some gamblers $100 income per week is huge money, and for some gamblers this sum is absurd. Remember, that we talk about pure income. You should have some money before you wager. So betting includes money and investments.

As we have told above, professional gambling requires not only money, but also time. Hundreds of events are held and thousands of bets exist, and a pro knows everything about them. If you work full-time it can be rather difficult to combine studying of esport betting market and working.

The decision is tough: you need give up your career to become a professional gambler. Gambling never brings guaranteed rewards. Think twice before you make a decision that leads to disastrous consequences. Betting tips and tricks may promise you the moon, but the result may be zero.

Are you still dreaming about the career of professional gambler? There are some basic ideas to deal with problems and how to win in sports betting. Experience of professional gamblers, tutorials, statistics, researches made by players and our own investigations of gambling market helped define these recommendations.

Bankroll and money

Money rules gambling wolrd. This is the only result anyone expects to receive. You get more chances to accumulate winnings and not to waste everything you have won or earned somehow when you comprehend methods of controlling money and stakes.

The best bookmaker

Bookmaker is as much important as the way you play. There are huge number of different features and promotions offered by bookmakers, but the key point to stay at a website is not to find a place with bonuses, but a place with better valued chances. Probabilities are the highly important in esports. They influence winnings, and actually determine size of reward with certain bet. If you compare different sportsbooks, you can notice that they offer different valued chances. They can have some slight differences or be absolutely unequal. If you dream about profits, be careful with odds. Otherwise, you can win less that you could do with another bookmaker.

Winners sports betting events and experts in gambling  know at least a couple of websites where odds favor a player. These websites usually belong to big gambling markets that offer not only esports wagering, but also classic sports bets and casino games.

You should not ignore bonuses though never forget about them while choosing a bookmaker. They can change your style of playing – with their help you increase your bets, make some try-out bets, or even save some money with special bookmakers offers. So check the set of bonuses in advance to choose the best site to play but remember betting opportunities website offers.

How do you treat gambling?

Anger or disappointment – what do you feel when you lose? Some people believe that win betting  circle happens just once and you need to play more when several wins in a row occur. Some people take it just like it is – not the most pleasant one gambling part, still inevitable. Professional gamblers admit that the part of lost bets is more than 90%, and in some cases it can even rise to 95% and higher! It means that if a person makes 100 bets, only 95 bring the reward. And no one knows which of the bet can be a winning one. Of course, here we mean stakes with the highest odds. Bets with the lowest odds are regularly placed in events where the result is easily predicted.

Of course, winnings make you feel all-powerful. You can’t do everything and win any bet. Remember: winning is just another part of gambling process, though it happens rarely then loses.

Entertainment with seriousness 

Professional gambler knows that gambling in not an entertainment, but a serious event which demands your control. They never make bets on the events they have not previously analyzed even if their valued chances are attractive. Researches take the greater part of their pastime, and they actually determine their gambling activity. Professionals never take gambling as an entertainment.

Perfect understanding is another key point. If a gambler does not understand all tricky points, it may be complicated him to understand why some events happen and why teams or players make certain decisions. Ignorance is your gambling enemy. Succeed with your bets learning more about them.

Accumulators – an indicator of the mastery

Accumulator bets are known are the best ones for professional gamblers. Accumulators help win more with the smallest bets. Place several bets and win all of them in a row. Risk, excitement and unique chance to hit a huge reward are the best traces of accumulators. Some strategies which indicate how exactly player needs to behave when using accumulators also exist. You can bet at matches with the lowest odds (1.83 or something close to 2.00). When those bets accumulate, the winnings rise greatly.