The FIFA player of The Imperial banned for buying coins

The efootball player of the organization The Imperial, Kylem "Lyricz" Edwards is disqualified for half a year for buying in-game coins from unofficial persons. It’s worth to notice that the purchase of such coins gives advantage to a player because their price is way lower than the official in-game currency - FIFA Points.

Kylem’s comment:

«I want to start off by apologizing to everyone at Imperial, Stark and all the players competing in the global series. This is the first time in my career I’ve been truly backed by an organization and I’m really sorry for tainting what was a great year. It was a desperate thing to do, I set myself up really badly to start the year financially and made a stupid decision to try and compensate for it and now I pay the ultimate price. This year has been really tough for me. I won’t go into detail at this moment but I appreciate all the support throughout and I’m sorry again for letting you down»

It’s worth to notice that the esportsman enters the top 20 FIFA 2019 player in the rating system now and will miss the upcoming FIFA eWorld Cup due to the ban.