Yoku has become the last player of Cyber Anji

Cyber Anji has signed the 5th player, who become the concluding link of the Dota 2 roster of the Football Club «Anji».

Not so long time ago FC «Anji» decided to open the eSports subdivision and distinguished themselves. All football clubs, which opened their eSports subdivisions, started their way of conquering «the Olymp» of the cybersport with the most familiar to them discipline — FIFA. Some football clubs distinguished themselves by the signing of League of Legends rosters. FC «Anji» has become the first football club, which has opened its eSports subdivision, to sign the Dota 2 roster.

It is worth considering that with a coming of the 5th player FC «Anji» claimed about the name of the team. The fivesome will play under the tag Cyber Anji.

The 5th player of Cyber Anji has become Maxim «Yoku» Kim. The Russian eSportsman previously played in the team F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Previously Maxim had been in such teams as Virtus.pro, Team Empire and HellRaisers. The public remembered most of all Maxim Kim for being one of the participants of The International 2015 with Team Empire, where was able to hold the 9-12 place with the CIS-team.

FC «Anji» has started building its Dota 2 roster around Aleksandr «XBOCT» Dashkevich, who has been signed the first. After him the roster has been replenished with ex-players of Comanche: Igor «iLTW» Filatov, Evgeniy «Chuvash» Makarov and Mihail «Misha» Agatov.

Cyber Anji makes its debut today at the Moscow Cup. This tournament is held during the Russian Cup 2017.

The roster of the team Cyber Anji:

Aleksandr «XBOCT» Dashkevich
Igor «iLTW» Filatov
Evgeniy «Chuvash» Makarov
Mihail «Misha» Agatov
Maxim «Yoku» Kim