XBOCT became a coach of Natus Vincere

Representatives of Natus Vincere have informed on their official website today that Alexander «XBOCT» Dashkevich had become a new coach of the Dota 2 roster.

Previously Alexander used to play on the Na`Vi roster for five years. Being in Natus Vincere, XBOCT became the first Dota 2 world champion, having won The International 2011, and the could hold the second place at the next two The International.

After XBOCT left Na`Vi, he was an often guest at various analytics studios and, also, tried himself at Cyber Anji, which closed later.

Now, Alexander will again help Natus Vincere to return their past glory but as a coach.

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A comment of Alexander «XBOCT» Dashkevich:

«I’m really exhilarated to return to Na`Vi, especially as a coach. I believe I’ll be able to help the team in a meaningful way. Together, we’ll show everyone what Na`Vi are made of! I thank the organization for their trust.»

A comment of Igor «caff» Sydorenko:

«When we started our search for a coach, we looked for the person who would not only be good at understanding Dota, but also have a lot of competitive experience. XBOCT is the best candidate for this position. I’m happy to see Alexander back in action at Na`Vi. New challenges await him, and he will certainly be able to overcome them!»