What was memorable for us in the first gaming days?

A bit unexpected results of the group stage

The teams’ places in their groups surprised viewers because some participants placed higher than they had been expected and some of them placed lower. For example, Liquid has held the third place, while the players from Keen have managed to place second. This can be explained with the fact that the group stage was simply deciding the way the teams would be seeded in a Double-Elimination bracket and that's the reason why Liquid hasn't found big motivation to show the best performance at the group stage.

The victory of Infamous and Chaos Esports Club in the first matches and the elimination of Team Liquid

Infamous and Chaos Esports Club represent South America, the weakest division in Dota 2. Due to this, many viewers were almost that the teams will keep losing after the first matches. Despite this, they have surprised us well and shown interesting matches. It's worth to notice that Infamous played against one of the most famous Chinese team, EHOME, and Chaos Esports Club faced the Europeans from Team Liquid. EHOME plays with two stand-ins and Team Liquid's shape is not that good because their performance at the group stage might be more successful. With regard to Chaos Esports Club, we cannot but remember their match against Virtus.pro, in which the South American esportsmen's chances to win were significant enough. Chaos won the first map in 22 minutes but as a result, VP managed to beat Alivi 'w33’ Omar's team and to advance to the next round of the lower bracket.

Team Secret stepped down to the lower bracket.

Probably, the most unexpected turn of events for viewers was the performance by Vici Gaming. Everyone has seen ViCi's gaming shape at StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor and understood that the last ones are in a great gaming shape but despite this, slightly anyone expected to see their success in the match against Team Secret. The thing is that Secret is now considered to be the strongest team in the world and their gaming level is higher than the rest of the teams. Due to this, the fact that Team Secret will have to make it to the final through the lower bracket after the loss in the match against Vici Gaming with a score 1-2 has become a real surprise for the Dota 2 community.

Today, it's worth to supply some popcorn or chips because we will see the following interesting matches soon:


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