will participate All-Star Weekend Manila 2017 received invitation to All-Star Weekend Manila 2017 tournament, during which the Hollywood movie about esports will be shoot.

The movie will get a name «Underdogs Rising», and the first guests of the event will be Toby «TobiWan» Dawson and Ben «Merlini» Wu., TobiWan and Merlini will visit Manila to participate in All-Star Weekend: as a participant, TobiWan and Merlini as cast.

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Except, in the Manila event and the shoot of Undergods Rising, three more teams will participate in the event. The information that Hollywood studio will shoot a movie about esports appeared on September 15, when Wykrhm Reddy told that in his Twitter account.

LAN-final All-Star Weekend Manila 2017 will take place on October 13 – 15. Except or shooting, 1x1 matches humans vs AI and professionals vs amateurs will take place. The venue for All-Star Weekend Manila 2017 will be Mall of Asia Arena, where The Manila Masters took place.