TNC Pro Team coach left the roster

Muriel «Kipspul» Huisman who took the position of the coach and analyst of TNC Pro Team, announced about leaving the Philippine team. Muriel did not announce the reasons of leaving the team, but promised to write a blog post where she will tell about the current state of matters in the active roster.

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Kipspul joined TNC Pro Team in April 2017. Under her leadership, the team managed to get to the final of SL i-League Invitational #2, took the third place in Galaxy Battles, and win a slot in qualifiers to The International 2017 in SEA.

TNC Pro Team roster:   

Carlo «Kuku» Palad
Sam «Sam_H» Enojosa Hidalgo
Theeban «1437» Sivanatapillai
Marc Polo «Raven» Luis Fausto
Timothy John «Tims» Randrup