Tips for the first day of the group stage of MDL Changsha Major 2018

Another one Dota 2 tournament is to be held, so we start analyzing the matches. Due to the facts that the first day of the tournament is always unpredictable and the format of the matches is bo2, it will be difficult to give useful tips, but we will try to define the favourites.  

The match between Infamous and Team Secret.

The team Infamous have not been seen for a long time so we do not know how they made it to the tournament. Meanwhile Team Secret performed at the minor tournament and showed good results as they always do.

The overall impression about Team Secret from the author: Stable team with good performance, but their main problem is picks of the characters.

The overall impression about Infamous from the author: It is rather difficult to say anything yet, as the team have not played against strong teams anywhere for a long time, so we need to watch their game to reach any conclusion.

Team Secret are the clear favourite of this meeting, Puppey and Co must not give any chance to their opponents, but due to the fact that Infamous are a dark horse, it’s difficult to foresee their game. 2-0 for Team Secret if everything will go right.

The match between Invictus Gaming and OG Dota 2.

Invictus Gaming are not in their best shape now, their recent matches in their region ended in no good results and their games against strong opponents have not been held for a long time. OG Dota 2 showed good results at the last major but the team should not be considered as the favourite of this meeting.

The overall impression about Invictus Gaming from the author: The team holds the fourth place in the rating of their region, it is difficult to say how they have made it to the tournament but they had enough time to get prepared.

The overall impression about OG Dota 2 from the author: Unstable team, but they have showed very good results so far, but we need to observe them during the tournament.

There is no clear favourite of this match and due to the fact that it is being held in the bo2 format, the score must equal 1-1.

The match between Invictus Gaming Vitality and Mineski.

Invictus Gaming Vitality also have not been seen for a long time and the team is not a top team in their region. Meanwhile, Mineski are considered to be one of the best, even though sometimes they do not show their style.

The overall impression about Invictus Gaming Vitality from the author: It is not clear how they team have made it to this tournament but I think they are one of the outsiders in their group.

The overall impression about Mineski from the author: Great promising team and if they are in the right mood they give no chance to win to their opponents.

Mineski must give Invictus Gaming Vitality the opportunity to win but otherwise the score must be 2-0 for Mineski.

The match between Vici Gaming and VGJ.Storm.

Vici Gaming are one of the best teams of their results, showing good achievements at the recent tournaments, VGJ.Thunder with their new player Resolution have improved a lot and a couple of days ago they won a minor.

The overall impression about Vici Gaming from the author: Good promising Chinese collective, we will be observing them and we will check if our expectations will come true.  

The overall impression about VGJ.Storm from the author: SInce their last replacement, their game have become worse, if they have not got relaxed after their last tournament, they will be able to show good results.

There is no clear favourite of this match, but both of the teams are performing well at the moment, of course any of the team will be able to win the bo2 match, but if we are to judge the game, this match can results in 1-1.

The match between NewBee and TNC Pro Team.

NewBee are considered to be the favourites at any tournament they participate in, but they never realised their expectations. TNC Pro Team always are the best in their region and their last results of the matches are pretty good.

The overall impression about NewBee from the author: When a team is considered to be a favourite for a long time but they can’t show any good result, it can result in the lack of trust in them, even though they cannot win some of the matches and we shouldn’t believe in their win so easy.

The overall impression about TNC Pro Team from the author: Very aggressive and diverse team, I think they will be able to surprise us at the tournament and to show a perfect game.

Even though the viewer will think that NewBee are the favourite, I do not lean toward this idea, as they can make it to one map only and otherwise 2-0 for TNC Pro Team.

The match between PSG.LGD and Vega Squadron.

PSG.LGD are the top one team of their region who recently have won their first major against Team Liquid, Vega Squadron perform in a very bad way in their region and their games are not so pleasing.

The overall impression about PSG.LGD from the author: The team are getting stronger and stronger, they are to achieve top places at this tournament.

The overall impression about Vega Squadron from the author: As for me, I do not believe in good results from this team, I think they are outsiders of this tournament.

If everything goes right and Vega Squadron do not surprise us, the match must results in 2-0 for PSG.LGD.



As the further matches will be held in sequence, it will be difficult to give any tips in advance,  so we recommend you to get a better look at the teams and to make a conclusion ourselves, but we will try to give you an insight into the further matches in short, taking into account their game at the last tournament and making a conclusion due to their results during the playing days.



The match between Team Secret and Mineski.

The last meeting between these teams resulted in the win of Team Secret, but for this math, it will be difficult to define the favourite, as each of the teams is good, any of them can win, but this battle must end in the score of 1-1.

The match between Invictus Gaming Vitality and OG Dota 2.

If Invictus Gaming Vitality’s previous match cannot show any good game, this match will end in the win of OG Dota 2, otherwise it is 1-1.

The match between Invictus Gaming and Infamous.

Infamous are considered to be outsiders of the group and I think they will not be able to win over any opponent, but it is difficult to say for sure having no information about their games at the tournament. 2-0 for Invictus Gaming.

The match between Vega Squadron and VGJ.Storm.

As in the case of Infamous, Vega Squadron are thought to be outsiders, VGJ.Storm are at their to[ and they must defeat their opponents by the score of 2-0.

The match between NewBee and PSG.LGD.

The teams are from the same region and this match can end in any result as the teams get prepared for the games playing with each other, but PSG.LGD look stronger, 2-0 for them.

The match between TNC Pro Team and Vici Gaming.

As for me, TNC Pro Team are stronger at this match, but it is not known, what their shape is, is they taking this tournament seriously, they can win, otherwise it is 1-1.

The match between Invictus Gaming and Invictus Gaming Vitality.

The match between the collectives from China must result in a draw, but Invictus Gaming can win here.

The match between Infamous and Mineski.

Mineski are better than their opponents in all parameters and they are to win the meeting, 2-0 for Mineski.