The Final 4 Contenders for an Arcana have been revealed!

The democratic approach of the Battle Pass holders for this year has reached a milestone once again as the Semi-finals of the Arcana Showdown 2016 has finally been announced. Here are the heroes that made the cut against each other, who has been eliminated, and who eliminated who:

It's been a trend in the community to vote the underdog, and this time, the underdog would be Io. Io miraculously defeated Wraith King by a landslide. Now, Io will be facing against Slark, one of the most popular heroes in Dota 2, but maybe even he could fall to Io, as a lot of players really want to (troll) Io to win to prove that the small guy can win against the giants sometimes, even when a lot are rooting for him.

Io is the 2nd least picked hero in Dota 2 pub games and is the least picked support. Time will tell if he can get that lovely Arcana, and we'll be here to report whenever (if ever) he will!

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