Team Secret Puppey's Facebook account got hacked!

So, basically, after Team Secret's heavy loss out of The International 2016, things had gone from bad to worse for Clement "Puppey" Ivanov, the incumbent Captain for Team Secret. It happened some just a few hours as of writing and the hacker managed to defame and humiliate Puppey by a small degree. Here're some of the ridiculous things that happened during the hacking spree:

As if racism (still was funny as hell coming from a Pinoy) wasn't the worst thing the hacker could've done:

Team Secret Puppey's Facebook account got hacked!. Photo 2

The hacker managed to tease the fans and create a really chaotic hype for "Puppey's return to Natus Vincere". 

The hacker managed to create a sandstorm of funny any witty jokes that became somewhat controversial. From sending a link to the League of Legend's account creation site to seemingly dissing and hinting EternalEnvy to leave Team Secret. It was a real fiasco yesterday - which the fans absolutely loved and/or hated, depending if you supported Team Secret's run.

In the end, Puppey was able to get hold of his account with Facebook's help and immediately deleted all the nonsense that the hacker had done to his account.

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