Team NP to leave DreamLeague Season 6

Team NP announced leaving ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 6 because of too dense schedule.

Team NP told they no longer participate in the sixth season of DreamLeague Dota 2 event. The decision was taken after the team has understood they had too many scheduled tournaments and they have too little time to end all of them. Besides, the results of the team are oppressive: 3-7. In their turn, DreamLeague stated that this decision leads to the immediate disqualification from the tournament and losing of all prize points (the overall loss is 0-14). The team will get no rewards. As the tournament has been passing for some time, Team NP will not be replaced by another roster.

Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao explained why the team left the tournament in his Twitter. He told that they took that decision when they counted all the up-coming games. The success in American qualifiers to The Boston Major led Team NP to the overloaded schedule.

Their current situation is as following: qualifiers to ESL One Genting, DotAPit, Elimination Mode 2.0 and DreamLeague during one week. Besides, they also participate in Northern Arena BEAT Invitational instead of Digital Chaos. EternaLEnVy pointed that he did not want to overburden his team with so many games and he would better spend this time preparing for the upcoming matches and LAN-tournament in Montreal.

DreamLeague Season 6 League Play is well under way. Each win guarantees $1,000 with a final prize of в $56,000 for the league stage. Top 4 teams of the league pass to the LAN-final DreamHack Winter hosted by Jönköping, Sweden. The final will be played in double elimination format (upper and lower bracket) with $175,000 prize pool.