Team NP, compLexity and Execration preserve their rosters in a new Dota 2 season

In a new season, the teams will play without any changes in rosters.

On December 20, Valve officially allowed making changes in rosters for Dota 2 teams. However, Team NP, compLexity and Execration organizations, have already announced in their Twitter accounts that they preserve their rosters without changes for the upcoming season.

Team NP

In a current season, the team managed to take the second place in Northern Arena 2016 — Montreal, 3 place in Elimination Mode 2.0, and become one of 5 best teams of The Summit 6. Also, the team managed to become a participant of The Boston Major and take 5-8 place there.

Team NP roster:

Jacky «EternaLEnVy» Mao
Kurtis «Aui_2000» Ling
Avery «SVG» Silverman
Sivatiban «1437» Sivanatapillai
Arif «MSS» Anwar


The team managed to pass the qualifiers for The Boston Major, however, during the qualifiers the members of the roster had a conflict which resulted in Justin «justin» Rosselle parting ways with the organization. After the substitution, a team participated only in Major tournament, but did not manage to demonstrate a good game and became one of the first teams to leave the competition.

compLexity roster:

Kyle «melonzz» Freedman
Zakari «ZfreeK» Freedman
Mihai «canceL^^» Antonio
David «Moo» Hull
Jaron «monkeys-forever» Clinton


The last substitution in a roster took place on November 2016, when Adam «343» Erwann joined the team moving Rafael «Rapy» Palo to the substituting players.

With an updated roster, the team managed to win ASUS ROG SEA Cup and take the second place in ROG MASTERS. The team received a direct invite to The Boston Major, but did not participate in the event because of the problems with visas.

Execration roster:

Kimuel «Kim0» Rodis
Kim «Gabbi» Villafuerte Santos
Abed Azel «Abed» Yusop
Djardel Jicko B. «DJ» Mampusti
Adam Erwann Shah »343» bin Akhtar Hussein