Team Faceless will play on DAC 2017

The SEA classification to DAC 2017 is over. Team Faceless won it. The team confidently passed the group stage and took the first place in a group without any loss. On their way to the desired winning, Black and company won Mski.GGNetwork, TNC Pro Team and defeated WG.Unity in the final match.

Qualifying brackets:

A full list of participants:

Evil Geniuses
Wings Gaming
Invictus Gaming
Team VG.J

Team Faceless
Winner of CIS qualifiers
Winner of American qualifiers
Winner of European qualifiers

LAN-finals will take place in Shanghai, China from March 28 till April 4.  The general number of participants is 12, 4 of them received direct invites. The initial prize pool for the event is $500,000, and it will be increased due to the selling in-game production with tournament symbols.