Team Empire stopped a partnership with JotM

The esports director of Team Empire Aleksandr «StrangeR» Solomonov told why JotM had not been at DreamLeague Season 9.

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Aleksandr said the following:

«I want to comment the question about the absence of Egor «JotM» Surkov, despite the fact that the organizers have invited 7 persons from each team.

In the middle of February, there was a lot of discussions inside the team after a row of unsuccessful and, according to the decision was made to stop the partnership with Egor. No one blamed the coach in all our misfortunes, this was our mutual guilt and the players understood this.

I will not tell, which changes inside the team we would like to achieve with such decision - this is the inside issue. I can say that we did some things of that we have planned and some things were not achieved.

We didn’t announce the decision to avoid the pressure on the team from the outside. I’ll point that there is a chance to renew the partnership with JotM closer to the qualifiers to TI8».

Let’s remind that Egor Surkov became the coach of Team Empire on April last year. Together with him, the team reached the top 8 best participants of The International 2017.