Team Empire announced a new roster

Fn continues to change CIS teams.

After a series of unsuccessful matches during the previous season, the management of Team Empire organization decided to change Dota 2 roster. Ilya «ALOHADANCE» Korobkin left the team, and three days later Sergey «G» Bragin took the same decision.

Management of the organization tested new players for a long time, and at last announced the decision: Vladimir «Chappie» Kuzmenko and Rostislav «fn» Lozovoi officially joined the team.

Dmitry «Korb3n» Belov, manager of the roster, comments the situation:

«We can comment this situation in quite common way telling how we were looking for new players, about the atmosphere in a team and about the achievements that we are expecting this year. We can also add a couple of sentences like ‘Welcome to the family’, ‘Let’s play together’, ‘I will be difficult but with your support we can do anything’ or ‘We are glad that so strong and skillful ‘Username’ joined us’. But we will not tell that. The results will. Thank to those who are by our side and who are against us. #WeAreEmpire».

Vladimir «Chappie» Kuzmenko previously played for Comanche. Together with the team, he won Game Show Open Season 4 and M.Video Dota2 Open, and also managed to qualify to WESG 2016 LAN-finals.

During the previous season, Rostislav «fn» Lozovoi played for Vega Squadron, but did not manage to become the part of the team because of his specific game style. He decided to tire the contract, and the organization supported his decision. Dmitry «DityaRa» Minenkrov joined the organization instead of him.

Team Empire updated roster:

Vladimir «Chappie» Kuzmenko
Rostislav «fn» Lozovoi
Andrey «Ghostik» Kadyk
Yaroslav «Miposhka» Naidenov
Rinat «KingR» Abdullin