Review of ESL One Katowice 2019

For the whole week twelve Dota 2 teams (4 out of which had to qualify in their regions) have been spending time in a mining town Katowice, Poland. The participants had been fighting for the champion title, a certificate for a Mercedes-Benz, and also they divided a prize pool of $300,000. Team Secret, as it had been expected, turned out to be the best at the tournament.

Disappointing teams:

Alliance, Team Aster, Forward Gaming and Chaos

Review of ESL One Katowice 2019. Photo 1

The guys from Alliance and Forward Gaming have been performing without any change in the roster for a long time, but their efforts are enough only to qualify in their regions. At major championships, they have never got higher than the 5-6 positions in a season but last year everybody spoke about their huge potential. As at ESL One Katowice 2019, Alliance ended their performance at the last position and Resolut1on and the team had to enjoy their 9-10 position, that can't be defined as anything else but a failure.

To our minds, one more disappointing collective is Aster. After a perfect game at ESL One Hamburg 2018, the collective had been expected to get high positions at the Major championship. The fans got only good performance at the Chinese qualifiers and a complete disaster at the LAN finals. In the end the roster took the 7-8 place and even the fact that Mushi having a huge experience joined the team as a mider.

Meanwhile, bookmakers believed in Chaos, but they couldn't show their best. At the group stage W33 with his teammates won over all those opponents as they were supposed to do but at the first match of the playoff stage they couldn't do anything to oppose Mineski. The 7-8 position is not a good result for the team with such players.

Surprising teams:

Gambit Esports, OG and Mineski

Review of ESL One Katowice 2019. Photo 2

The guys from Mineski have cemented their position in Three Best Teams in Southeast Asia, but bookmakers didn't believe in PieLieDie and the team who knows why. The team showed their best at the group stage and at the playoff they lost against Fnatic, who they usually fight with in their region. By the results of the competition, the collective got the sixth position and it is good for the guys as they don't often go to the LAN finals of major tournaments.

One more surprising team is OG. The roster couldn't get in shape after the win at The International 2018 and a replacement of Ana and showed awful results at the qualifiers for Majors, but at ESL One Katowice, they stopped at the third position and it's impossible to name their performance bad. Maybe now OG don't look as a team of the Tier-1 level, but they are getting back to the shape and soon we are going to see the same N0tail and the team.

The last surprising collective is Gambit eSports. Fng and his teammates got placed on the second position at this tournament and only Team Secret looked stronger. Now the guys don't have a lot of strategies and performance of some players can let down, but the reshuffle of the team didn't happen long time ago and experience at the LAN finals can be beneficial for them and the fact that the players from Gambit see and correct their mistakes gives good results.

Teams that performed according to their level:

Team Secret, Fnatic, NiP, For The Dream and compLexity Gaming

Review of ESL One Katowice 2019. Photo 3

CompLexity Gaming and For The Dream approached the competition being clear outsiders and they were not able to show anything special. The collectives got in lower parts of their groups and couldn't make it to the playoff.

Ninjas in Pyjamas and Fnatic perform at approximately the same level and make people put them to Four Best which happened indeed. Fnatic got placed on the fourth position and PPD and the team got the fifth position. The roster showed themselves well during the tournament, but at the playoff stage OG ceased their lunch and became their obstacle on the way to Three Best.

The last team that performed according to its level is Secret. The collective showed that now they are one level above the other participants and got the cup and $125,000 as a prize easily. By the way, the best player of the competition was Ludwig «zai» Wahlberg getting a certificate for a Mercedes-Benz.