Resolut1on joined VGJ.Storm

Roman «Resolut1on» Fominok became a member of the team VGJ.Storm, replacing Enzo «Timado» Gianoli in the roster. The reason of the decision is the Peruvian visa issues  as he had no time to process the necessary documents for the upcoming GESC: Thailand Minor and MDL Changsha Major.

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Jack «KBBQ» Chen:

«This is obviously a really tough situation for a promising young player. Though we had discussed this possibility with Timado, he showed maturity beyond his years in continuing to compete to his fullest ability throughout recent qualifiers, even though he couldn’t be with the team at bootcamp. Thankfully, the difficulties of his situation will also be resolved in the next few months.
We’re of course excited that Roman will be joining the team. He’s a driven, relentless competitor who has proven himself at a highest levels time and again in different situations, and the upside is high.»

Renewed VGJ.Storm roster:

Yawar «YawaR» Hassan
Roman «Resolut1on» Fominok
Jingjun «Sneyking» Wu
Arif «MSS» Anwar
Avery «SVG» Silverman