{"en_GB":"Team Bazaar.Youth — the winner of The Kiev Major 2017 SEA Open Qualifier","ru":""}

The attempt of the second roster of the team Team Bazaar to pass through the open qualifying round to The Kiev Major 2017 in the Southeast Asian region has finished with a success as the main roster’s attempt.

The last opponent of Team Bazaar.Youth at the Grand Final of the qualification has become one of the most famous teams in the Southeast Asian region, White Fries, which has lost against its opponent with a score 1:2.

Thanks to the victory, Team Bazaar.Youth has received the last slot at the closed qualifying round among the participants of the Southeast Asian region.

The list of participants of the Southeast Asian closed qualification:

Clutch Gamers
Team Faceless
Rex Regum Qeon
Geek Fam

TnC Pro Gaming
Prestige World Wide
Team Bazaar
Team Bazaar.Youth