Questions, which will be answered by The Kiev Major 2017


This time we have decided not to make a preview of the group stage because of an awful system of carrying out. Absolutely all participants go out of the group and this means that some teams will play not in a full force.

The list of questions:

  1. Is the Swiss system actual for Dota 2?
  2. Will Chinese teams justify the faith of Valve?
  3. How correct is the decision to carry out individual qualifiers for CIS and South America?
  4. Will the leave of Team Random and Thunderbirds from their organizations have an impact?
  5. 5. Will the organizers of the tournament - PGL be able to surprise us?

Is the Swiss system actual for Dota 2?

The Kiev Major 2017 will become the first large Dota 2 tournament, on which the Swiss system of carrying out will be used at the group stage. The feature of this system is to allow to carry a small number of rounds with a great number of participants for the determination of the winners. Such system has been being used in the different CS:GO tournaments for a long time and according to an opinion of many, is the best, however, there matches are hosted in a bo1 format.

The Swiss system is not appropriate for Dota 2, at least because there is a little of random in the game (absolutely random spawn of runes) and every mistake plays a great role, which can’t be said about CS:GO. Thanks to such system favorites of the championship can lose against outsiders and the final positions will not match strengths of teams.

Just because of a little random the organizers have decided to carry out all matches in a bo3 format, which will have a negative influence on the observing of matches and the work of talents. For example, there will be 16 matches in a bo3 format in the first gaming day The fact that not even a single team will leave the tournament by the end of the group stage has become the one more “step back”, this means that there is no sense in showing all your strategies. The result of the group stage will only influence on the seeding in the playoff stage.

On the basis of all mentioned before we can make a conclusion that the Swiss system doesn’t suit Dota 2, at the least, it has to be improved for this eSports discipline.

V1lat: "The Swiss system for 16 teams, in a bo3 format in 2 days. At the same time everyone is getting to the playoff. It is officially the worst system in the history".

Will Chinese teams justify the faith of Valve?

Valve has given 3 directs invites to The Kiev Major 2017 to teams from China and then given two slots for the finalists of the Chinese qualification. In such a way 5 teams to represent “the Celestial” will go to the first Major tournament in CIS and only Virtus.Pro will defend the honor of CIS.

According to the opinion of the majority, ex-Wings Gaming (further Team Random) and Team VG.J are not worth of direct invites, at least because they have not been showing well-deserved results for a long time. The last time, when Team Random came to the top 4 best teams, was at ESL One Genting 2017 but there were only 8 participants and half of them can’t be called “good”.

In its turn, Team VG.J previously played only at different qualifiers and tier-2 championships. The only positive moment for the Chinese roster had been the 2nd place at StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3, however, after this VG.J could not pass qualifications to The Manila Masters and ZOTAC Cup Masters. Only Newbee doesn’t raise issues among invited Chinese teams - they have been participating at an appropriate level all 5 months after The Boston Major 2017.

It is obvious that such amount of Chinese teams is coming to the main tournament of the spring only because of the financial benefit, because “the Celestial” is famous for its incredible number of views at different platforms. Only such explanation can be when you are looking at the invitation of Team Random and Team VG.J.

How correct is the decision to carry out individual qualifiers for CIS and South America?

The separation of Europe and CIS, South and North Americas is a univocal disadvantage for all fans of professional Dota 2. There is only one really worthy team in CIS and there is no such team in South America at all. Guys from Virtus.Pro became the winners in the CIS region and had to receive a direct invite but Valve decided to send them to the qualification only because the team had not played in the championships for a few months.

SG e-Sports has not found equals to itself in South America, however, there is frankly nothing to do for it at The Kiev Major 2017 because the level of their play is much lower than any tier-2 team from Europe.

The separation of America into two regions is much more wonderful -  even 10 teams could not be found in North America to struggle for one ticket to LAN-finals. Only 7 teams took part in the qualification. In its turn, all 10 teams played in South America but 8 of them fought their way through open qualifications. Is it worth continuing considering that a guy with 4.500 MMR was playing in Sacola de Lixo (the team, which held the last place in South America)?

The only plus of the whole story is the try of Valve to develop its games for the bigger audience.

Will the leave of Team Random and Thunderbirds from their organizations have an impact?

It will have an effect for sure but it will likely be positive. Both teams will not be under the pressure of heads of their organizations and will play on their own. And it is difficult to believe that two teams, which are one of the best in the world at this moment, have simply left their organizations - they surely have signed or are close to the signing of contracts with other organizations, which names will become known after The Kiev Major 2017.

Let’s remind that Random Gaming had to leave the organization Wings Gaming because of the owner’s mistake - he had decided to create a competitive League of Legends team, however, he folded up. The owner made all this with a help of money, which were earned after the victory of the Dota 2 roster at The International 2016 and this was 40% of the sum. In global $3,000,000 were spent on the LoL roster, however, it was not created. The owner had to break contracts with reigning world champions not to become bankrupt.

Team Random has received a double benefit after the leave from Wings Gaming - besides this, they are not under the pressure of the directorship, guys will divide all earned money among them and they have not held the title of champions since November last year. When if not now?

Will the organizers of the tournament - PGL be able to surprise us?

PGL is the organization, which is carrying out The Kiev Major 2017. Will the organizers be able to surprise? - this question will be answered only at the end of the championship, however, this company has a positive reputation among players and fans. PGL has successfully hosted The International 5, The Manila Major 2016, The Boston Major 2016 and also the company has organized a number of tournaments of the DreamHack series. “The ginger” of PGL is a production, which can only be challenged by the production of ELEAGUE.

It is now worth to worry about a technical part, SLTV will help with this difficult work, they have already helped with the organization of The Boston Major 2016. PGL and SLTV have a great list of carried championships, most of them have been hosted successfully, so it is not worth to doubt about the professionalism of these two studios.